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  2. Accepted! Passed the interview, good job
  3. this supposed to be a darkrp staff app?
  5. Last week
  6. "The British Are Coming!" - Rebel


    Blob: Stupendous

  7. Pending Please DM Me On Discord For Your Interview
  8. +Rep Lots of interactions All positive Fantastic application Super nice guy Big balls (Grew weed in PD)
  9. +Rep good person no problems with them and probably one of the best apps ive ever seen.
  10. Denied It seems you need to become more familiar and trust worthy to our staff team and community. You may reapply in 3 days Minimum.
  11. STEAM_0:1:504739809 Uh I’m pretty sure this is it I don’t know if I have it wrong I’m sorry.
  12. sarins, i dont think i have had a sit with you? also in my application i stated i have read the motd are you femboy? i understood that you were a new admin and were still learning and you left me frozen for 12 minutes and take a very long time and mix up things in logs so i did get frustrated with you, but that does not mean i have not read the rules?
  13. +/- REP (More towards +) Haven't had a lot interactions with you, but the few I've had, had been pretty good. You're active and know the rules pretty well. Only problem is the SteamID (goto and grab your SteamID, not SteamID3 or SteamID64. I.E. Mine is STEAM_0:0:1226702)
  14. +REP Pretty good guy from the few interactions I've had with him. Only sits I've had have been questions rather than problems. Great application in my eyes and I feel like you would make a good staff member. +/- REP Your hours are a tad low on the server, but to be fair, I had low hours on the server AND the game. Good luck!
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