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  3. +REP Really chill dude, you have been better about not being as mingy. Keep up the good work man.
  4. Denied You may reapply when you meet the requirements. (Trusted)
  5. Adjourned The staff team is currently full. When a slot opens up, I will put you to pending, DM you on discord, and interview you.
  6. Accepted You now have access to Advanced Duplicator 2 and the Lego Yoda job. You can also reply to forum posts and apply for staff.
  7. +REP Good Guy Very Active Chill Dude Only 1 Sit against him
  8. -/+ Not to many interactions
  9. +REP Active Chill Guy Many Interactions Only 1 or 2 sits against you
  10. +REP If you get to know him he is a really cool guy. I've based with him and have hung out with him and its very enjoyable this is coming from a point of view that has met and done RP with him cooperatively.
  11. Last week
  12. +/- Alot of the nova clan is mingey, I reccomend standing out and not being a minge to gain some good reputation among the staff, I also have seen you being kinda mingey so like ? said if you can change I will change my vote
  13. +REP I had many interactions with you and most of them were all awesome. A Good friend of mine, respectful and worthy to be trusted. GL ❤️
  14. +REP Cosmo is a good guy from the interactions that I have had with him he knows the rules and is a nice guy
  15. -REP You are a good guy when you want to be but you can also be quite mingy and you also need trusted
  16. +/-REP You can be quite mingy but you seem to be getting better if you do I will change my rep to +REP
  17. +/- rep From the small amount of interactions I have had with you you seem good but I would like to have more before I change it to a +REP or -REP
  18. In-game name: NoVa bruhmexico Discord name: bruhmexico#9231 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:437320470 Hours on server: (48 hours required) 48 Hours Reason you love Neon Link: (100 words) I have recently came from Icefuse's main city RP server and I was famished at the little to no support the team over there provides, after moving servers I was looking for other servers playing them on and off again. I saw a real shinning light from this server, the admins are amazing and the way I have been treated by the community has really put a real special place in my heart.
  19. +REP Good kid from what I have seen app could have been better tho
  20. +REP Chill guy knows the rules and good application
  21. -REP I would +REP if you put more effort into the application but it just looks like you took 5 mins and put no effort into the application
  22. +Rep I like the app, knows the rules from what i have interacted with him IS MONKEY
  23. +Rep Talked with in discord chill guy seen him in game, knows the rules mostly
  24. -/+ Rep Haven't really interacted with you an ok app
  25. In-game name: FishstickTV Discord name: Fishstick#4611 In-game name: Dawg Discord name: JabbaJaw84#1269 (Not in the discord though) SteamID: STEAM_0:1:513721753 Hours on server: (48 hours required) 54hr Reason you love NeonLink: (100 words) I really love neon link and the reason being there isn't much limits for what you can and can not do and a lot of options for what you can do like you can be a gold miner and a fruit slicer and lots of severs i played on dont have that and the sever has lots of nice people and staff 62words and if your just getting started o
  26. In-game name: Bush Discord name: bushthekid#4657 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:223722535 Hours on server: 433 hours Reason you love NeonLink: Neon link is superior to every other server I played on and it has a good staff team. NeonLink is currently the only server I play on and I just enjoy the community and meeting new people on the server. I like most of the rules on the server and just overall all the addons on the server. Are you on more during day or night: night Do you agree if you are deemed untrustworthy you will lose your trusted rank and have to reapply: yes
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