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  3. Denied You need to apply more effort to your application, for a trusted member you cant look like you just rushed your application and didn't try with it. Also you got mostly neutral reps with 1 plus and one minus. It seems you need to interact with the community, and staff team more. Good luck with your next trusted application.
  4. -/+ rep ive never seen you on before and your app doesnt meet the template
  5. Neutral rep Haven't had much interaction with you, so I cannot give a good rep..
  6. -REP Not a good application, didn't provide 100 words on the 100 word question, haven't interacted in game.
  7. +/- REP You are a good guy I have not seen you minge that much other than that you're fine but the reason I am giving a neutral rep is because this is a very poor application in my opinion it does not look like there was much effort put into it
  8. +rep Great player. I love to talk to him in game. Can be kind of mingy. But other then that he deserves trusted. Btw you don't need to but next time on the forums don't delete the questions please. Have a great day : )
  9. 1 : milk man 2 : Groovy Man#9479 3 :STEAM_0:0:445092026 4: I do have 48 5: I love NeonLink mostly because of the people in it. None of them are toxic and its a fun server just to vibe in. Also the admins are really good and do their job. Tbh this is the only server im ever on. 6: im on mostly at day time 7: I do agree if I am untrustworthy i will be demoted from trusted 8: I have no warns
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  11. i have wesley hostage and if i dont have 100 trillion dark rp dollars in my dark rp wallet within 24 hours i will eat wesley alive i SUGGEST you deliver
  12. Accepted Unbanned from the discord.
  13. +REP Don't know who ya are and don't know why ya got banned
  14. +rep if you did nothing wrong you shouldn't have been banned
  15. +REP No ban reason provided by banning staff member, another chance should be given.
  16. +REP No one really knows why you're banned, so I believe you should be unbanned and given a second chance rather than being just left in the dust.
  17. Idk you, nor have I talked with you so I cannot give a good reply to this sorry
  18. Neutral, I honestly don't know why you were banned
  19. In audit logs it doesnt show when you were banned or by who, so I do not know why you were banned, or by who. Oldest ban I can see is 10/08/2020. (This is for my staff to give them some info for their replies)
  20. -/+rep I don't really have a say in this because we don't know why you are banned. Once we figure out what happened then I can come to a conclusion on what we should do. Sorry for not have a firm answer.
  21. Discord name: Sparrow#4623 Date banned: no idea What led up to your ban: no clue Why should you be unbanned: Not sure why I got banned or when, just now getting more active back into the community, and I noticed I wasn't in the discord, so I used the in-game invite, and it says "user is banned from this guild" on the invite.
  22. Denied Seems you need to have more interactions with the community, and the staff team.
  23. Denied Seems you need to have more interactions with our staff team, and the community
  24. I have had interactions with you, you are not one to minge and from I have seen, are not one to be over the top about difficulties you face in the server
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