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    +rep Super nice person Never had any bad interactions I think you'd fit the staff team well : )
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    1. In-Game Name: Deathadder 2. Discord Name (eg: John#1234):Deathadder#3066 3. SteamID (Must have STEAM_ in ID!):STEAM_0:1:20255667 4. Hours On Server (48 hours req.):141 5. Reason You Love NeonLink (100 words):I've played NeonLink for a couple of years now and have made my self somewhat known within the community having gettings to know a lot of the staff and members over that span of time. I recently came back because over quarantine I felt empty and this game/server tends to fill the emptiness called boredom. I hope to someday apply for staff but that's not any time soon since I'm just now applying for Trusted. But let's get back to the main thing why I love the server. This server has been here for my ups and downs and overall it's a great server. It has a great community and great staff. 6. Are you on more during night/day:A mix of both. Usually when im able to be on I am. 7. Do you agree if you are deemed untrustworthy you will lose your trusted rank and have to reapply? 8. How many warns do you have? How many are active?None active but 1 in total. If you have VIP, state so here:Yes.
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    +rep on all the time dont get into any trouble very pogchamp guy to be around in the server deserves staff imo
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    +Rep Very active You stay out of trouble Very nice person :D. Also good app
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    +Rep You are literally on everyday. You're super respectful in sits. So many good interactions (Also app is amazing). Knows the rules quite perfectly. All of the sits I've been in with you were you calling them, you really deserve a shot at this
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    +/- Rep You are a nice person, but I don't see you on much. Also, I don't have many interactions with you.
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    +/- Rep I don't have many interactions with you, but you seem to be very active. Also, I'd have to agree with Hawk, this application does seem a little rushed.
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    +/- Rep My first interaction with you was yesterday. You were very polite, and were trying to mess with me. I've seen you active and around. But i havent had enough interactions with you to + or - Rep you.
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    Neutral leaning towards + I haven't interacted with you at all to my knowledge. But you seem like you know the rules and you are fairly active.
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    +REP Pretty active, knows the rules, is a good boy in sits (which he calls often), never had an issue.
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    -rep Changing my rep to a -rep because you kept mining with the climb swep, after being told by myself and shit penis to stop, and then continued to argue with us after telling you to stop
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    -/+ Neutral Only seen you on yesterday and today You seem nice but you kept talking about applying, while you weren't advertising it, its still not good to talk about applying for trusted/staff very easy way to get it denied
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    +rep as much as he raids me when im not at my base, hes pretty chill can be mingy, but everyone on the server can be at times knows rules very well on a lot recently
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    +/-rep i see you on a lot knows rules pretty well super mingy with the climb swep (hits everyone randomly bc there is no rule against it)
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    +rep active, knows the rules, and likes to be hunted : )
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    +rep i see you on a lot and never had any sits with you (besides the ones you called)
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    +/- rep seems friendly enough but i dont see him on that much
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    + Rep I've seen you on a lot after you got unbanned, and you seem to know the rules pretty well. You are a good player and are fun to be around. You definitely deserve trusted.
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    +rep knows the rules very well on constantly overall PogU guy and deserves trusted
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    + Rep Knows the rules pretty well. Haven't had that many sits against you. You seem to be a chill person
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    +rep chill guy from the interactions I have had with you knows rules well since no warns pogchamp in chat
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    +/- Rep Knows the rules pretty well. Haven't gotten to know you and some encounters I have had with you were a little mingy. But overall good app. Best of luck -Kimi
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    ++rep Super nice person to interact with Very active haven't had any bad interactions can be a little mingy but let's be honest who isn't has prior staffing experience which is good
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    +/- Rep I can't say I've seen you or had any interactions with you Good Application Though
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    +Rep As much as I didnt want you to become staff ( not because you were mingey or breaking rules, any thing of that sort) I fully support you. Box Is the definition of a great staff member, In the past when I worked with him, he took his job very seriously and put so much effort into being staff. And as Greg stated above, he is very chill and nice and is very understanding. He takes mistakes that he might have done and learns from them, building on his staffing power and uses them to become a better staff than he already was. He was probably one of the BEST staff we had back in the day and I hope he carries all that over to his new position. (Honestly, if he gets staff, I think he will get staff of the year award.(quote me)) Overall, Box is the perfect person to become staff and im pretty sure if he were to become staff he will be one of THE BEST staff member ever
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    +rep You're active and all the interactions i've had with you are good so i don't see why you shouldn't get it : )
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    +/- Neutral not many interactions but from what I hear your a good guy
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    +rep I don't play like at all anymore so I have no comment on your activity or behavior but I do know that he was an amazing staff member and staff many different times. (If this is confusing or trash wording I was in a meeting and people so loud it breaks my brain a little) GL my friend and glad to see you crawling back!!! ❤️
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    +/- Rep I haven't been on that much so I haven't seen you You seem like a good person from what i'm seeing
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    +/- Rep From what our community members, our staff and trusted in general are saying that you're a cool guy and that you're active and know the rules. But me personally I have no interactions with you. I am on right now at 5:18 A.M. and I do see that you're on which is good to see. And its good that you got a good rep. But your application does a look pretty rushed when it comes to the "reason you love neonlink" question. Also wanted to add that it's good to see that you want to support the server with a donation.
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    +rep pogchamp guy knows rules well been on server a lot recently i like the pizza's he delivers with his friend (forgot his name)
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    +rep Really chill ingame Knows rules Calls sits when needed And is active
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    Hm yes bruh
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    -rep even tho it was a joke, i wouldn’t want someone that jokes about that stuff in the staff team
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    1: Name: Cat That Juuls 2: In Game name: Thats been enough of you today 3: SteamID: Steam ID:76561198272015085 4: Reason for Ban: NITRP 5: Ban time: 1 Day 6: Staff Member who banned you: NotGreg Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:512378273 7: Reason why you feel you should be unbanned: I want to apologize for putting the text screen saying "abuse gang" just because i was mad that NotGreg was using his power in a way that just didn't seem right. I feel that i should be unbanned because as i was in a sit, NotGreg came over (he wasn't the admin in the sit that took the ticket) and then muted me for 5 minutes. I was talking over the trail-mod which i understand but muting me for 5 minutes with no warning is a little over the top. I wouldve been okay if he unmuted afterwards but he didn't so therefore i got a little agitated. He then didn't warn me again for the NITRP, keep in mind I haven't been warned over text or verbally and I got banned for a day. I get putting the sign and saying it in chat wasn't the correct option and i should've just waited out my time but getting banned without even getting warned kind of seems like overkill. He did the same thing about 2 weeks ago as I said in another post but that's done and over with. 8: Do you regret breaking the Server Rules ( unless Falsely Banned 😞😞: As I said on question number 7 I do understand that I shouldn't have put the text screen or said what i said in chat and talking over the trial-mod but again NotGreg was a bit excessive and unorderly. 9. Evidence (Required): You can check the logs to see what I said, and yes I do feel bad for the things I said but I was just heated at the time because I got a mute for 5 minutes without warning then he pulled me to him and just said that he was going to ban me for NITRP.
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    +rep no bad interaction good person knows rules
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    +REP Super sweet and understanding dude. Deals with stressful situations very well (instead of being reactive to constantly being harassed by another player, tells a staff member instead) Super Active Super helpful No bad interactions whatsoever +REP Better get staff
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    Neutral +/- Short; You are a good player and there's no hate going towards you, but: - Your activity has decreased in game pretty heavily. - You were recently toxic with a member because of gender preference. Screenshots of your behavior are attatched along with the Discord's rules. ----------------- Long; In the past, I used to get little behavior problems out of you besides you just messing around and not doing anything intollerant. These recent incidents are just not alright! If you really want to become staff, major improvement in your bahvior and activity needs to result! We can't have someone represent the staff team like that as it could give a bad impression. ~ DeadPool
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    + Rep Really Cool dude Seen you on a a lot has good knowledge of the rules Respectful Never had any bad interactions with you!
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    + Rep you have a pretty good app your active and your seem you got the ropes on the rules (little side note here not a Neutral but we dont need people on really early in the morning we have a lot of staff get on in the morning, it's the real late night stuff that we need staff on like at 3 or 4 a.m.
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    +Rep From what i've seen this man is very mature Knows the community Very active within the server and the community ingeneral Interacts with lots of people And i've never had a sit against him or anything. Good App too
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    1. In-Game Name: 2. Discord Name (eg: John#1234): 3. SteamID (Must have STEAM_ in ID!): 4. Hours On Server (48 hours req.): 5. Reason You Love NeonLink (100 words): 6. Are you on more during night/day: 7. Do you agree if you are deemed untrustworthy you will lose your trusted rank and have to reapply? 8. How many warns do you have? How many are active? If you have VIP, state so here: