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    +/- Rep I think I've seen you around when the server was actually up. But I dont have many interactions with you.
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    +/- REP I would say you are a chill guy but with the server being down I don't think we are looking for new staff atm but good luck for now and in the future
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    -/+ NEUTRAL I've talked to him a few times and seems like a chill dude.
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    +/- rep Cant remember any interactions. But I cant remember any bad ones either. Application was pretty good.
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    +/- rep the server being down kinda screws people applying for staff rn bc we cant get on and get to know people, but im +/-'ing because I dont believe ive had any interactions with you when the server was up. you dont have a horrible app and seem like a cool dude so when the server comes back up, we can get to know you better and make a better decision
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    -rep You were banned for using external softwares so i don't know if you should be unbanned, also like ? said you didnt put a lot of time or effort into the unban
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    +Rep Great Interactions Used to Have Problems When You First Joined Nowadays You are Great And Out Of Sits
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    +Rep Many Interactions Knows Rules Well Buuuuuuutttt, You Can Sometimes be Mingy
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    +Rep Active very good person zero problems.
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    +/- Neutral Not many interactions with you to give a full opinion on you
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    +rep Nice person and interactions with you have been pretty nice and havent had to many problems
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    +/- Neutral Not many interactions with you to give a full opinion on you
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    +rep very active, rarely ever in sits under word requirement
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    +REP Active, no bad experiences
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    +rep no bad interactions good player who knows the rules He has meet the word requirement below (he commented the rest. he forgot.)
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    + rep, very active as well as having a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to the rules.
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    +rep not many interactions but warns is a big plus
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    +/- Rep Yes I Know You Are Doing Much Better But To Be A Successful Staff You Need To Be As Best Level Headed as Possible Other than that you are very well rule knowing and backs up everything possible
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    +rep Nice person and have only had good interactions with you. Goodluck : )
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    Cheese is a good guy have had amazing interactions with him, if i could i would have put him as it a while ago...
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    Don't care good person get trusted +rep
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    You have literally been a minge on the server since you got on, you have repeatedly cause problems with other players and have been the suspect of many sits of which you have caused. You, yourself have been racist and when called into a sit about it, you lie and say you haven't been racist when in fact you have. If a sit does not go your way you call the staff retarded and usually drop the fa**ot word a few times and several other racial terms JUST because something does not go your way, you have no integrity on this matter, so stop and grow up. ALSO that is his natural bind to use. He has used it before while you have been on and you have had no problem with it, for you to now make a deal of it shows that you are trying to retaliate against him and get something against him, shit Kimi uses it in his name and half the shitting staff have it in there name or in the binds they use AGAIN GROW UP AND GET A LIFE
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    Neutral +/- Leaning on + I have seen you on a decent amount but not too many interactions The app is a bit short
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    +/- Rep Haven't really had any interactions with you to give a solid opinion
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    +REP I've only had like 2 interactions, but they were good, doesn't get into any trouble, knows the rules.
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    +/- Rep Despite having 76 hours I haven't had any interactions with you. Cant give a fair answer without those interactions.
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    +rep Super nice dude. Knows the rules well. Deserves trusted.
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    +/- REP leaning towards -REP I've had no interactions with you and also not the best application in my opinion
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    +/- REP I personally haven't had many experiences with you, although this is exactly how I ended up where I am! I believe you'd be a good trusted member as you don't have any warns, and I don't believe I've seen you in a sit that isn't specifically on you. Good luck!
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    1. In-Game Name: 2. Discord Name (eg: John#1234): 3. SteamID (Must have STEAM_ in ID! Do Not Use SteamID64!) 4. Hours On Server (48 hours req.): 5. Reason You Love NeonLink (100 words): 6. Are you on more during night/day: 7. Do you agree if you are deemed untrustworthy you will lose your trusted rank and have to reapply? 8. How many warns do you have? How many are active? If you have VIP, state so here:
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    funee monkee chimp.jfif
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    -rep like what cloraxx said its pretty hard for someone to reach the warn threshold so if you were able to reach that you obviously dont know the rules too well
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    -Rep You do seem like you love the server and all but its pretty hard to get 25 warns and you did so you must have been pretty mingey to get to that therefore its a -rep for me sorry.
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    Accepted You were suppose to get a lot of your warns removed since it was more than a 3 month period before you got a bunch in July.