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    +REP Averagely well-done application Meets the requirements. Does not have any warns.
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    +Rep, haven't had issues with you before, active
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    +Rep Saying the N-Word once is not a three day ban, and you shouldn't be punished based on someones feelings instead of the rule book.
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    -REP Moderators and Administrators are there to enforce the rules. If one is looking for respect while being a staff member, then they shouldn't be a staff member. There's going to be people that are going to be upset with the staff team; there's nothing we can do about that. Staff members don't need your respect. You may feel a ban is not justified, and that's why we have a system called ban appeals. But in any case like this, you are not allowed to insult another individual of the community with racist terms. I honestly believe Kiwi did not make any mistakes and seeing how you've been acting in this forum post about the incident, the ban is completely warranted.
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    +/- Neutral Thinking about it, it was pretty harsh punishment for someone that has only 3 days on Gmod and this being the first first offense, and non-intentional I will make sure to get the banned lifted. My apologies, I hope I did not affect your experience, or caused some unnecessary stress. UPDATE: I've updated the ban, try to connect.
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    -REP, well you know the story but i don't think the ban should be reduced, he called savage the n-word and expected a little slap on the wrist? If not a 3 day ban then at least 1 in my eyes because its a racial, due to the fact he knew what he was saying and who he was talking to when he said it, it wasn't like an accident either. Everyone knows i ban people for saying the n-word, not only was it player and staff diss it was racism.
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    I just noticed this is in staff reports ill say the same thing in ban appeals ❤️
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    Neutral, I've had some interactions with you but not many you seem chill.
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    +Rep, oh yes I've been in a similar situation before, it happens sometimes and that's what makes us human, a ban is a little to much for saying a word.
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    +rep very EPIC dude, and looks like you put effort into your app (and i never had any issues with you)
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    +REP He is a ok guy. Loves to roleplay. Supports the server. (Aka Wesley's wallet) Would love this guy to take my sits.
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    +Rep amazing member, knows the rules, also 0 issues
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    -/+ neutral, just recently seeing you getting active again so I don’t really know you but I like your app.
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    Denied That's not five sentences.
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    Denied Please use the format
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    Adjourned Will Interview once position is free on staff team. (3)
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    Accepted User will be unbanned
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    Accepted User will be unbanned
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    Pending DM me for your interview.
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    Denied Looks like you've got a long ways to go before your staff worthy.
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    Denied Your application is poor. You don't even specify what anything is. Either or is not an answer to when you are most online.
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    Accepted Member will be punished accordingly
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    Adjourned Will Interview once position is free on staff team. (1)
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    -rep lack of effort in application
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    Thank you kryptonic and eco! Thats what I'm trying to say. Feelings don't matter when it comes to rules. Rules are like the law, nobody is above them. Also the staff is corrupt as shit , for example I say the n word and get a three day ban. But when Poop Pastoroni says it, nothing happens. No ban , hell , not even a warn! Please take a look at the screenshot.
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    Ok guess favoritism is how things are ran here. I'm done. Ill just play the server and you guys will be privileged. The server wont grow
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    1: Your Steam Name: Notorious Chain Levi AKA Cool Chain Levi 2: Your SteamID: thenotoriouschainlevi 3: Staff Member's Name: Darkrp- KIWI 4: Staff Member you are Reporting SteamID: don't care to get cuz you know who im talking about lol. 5: Explain your Side of the Situation: I was filled with rage. I was mayor and wanted to govern the town but everyone kept shooting around. I eventually got killed and blurted the N-word. 3 seconds after I said that, I was prompted with the ban hammer screen. I regret what I said but I simply just don't think a ban is necessary. I could've had a good talk and fixed it that way. Anyway, I appreciate the time to read this and anything you decide to do with my ban. 6: Evidence (Required): Since this is verbal and I don't record, I have no evidence but this can be resolved nicely 7: Any other Details: I love this server so much that I'm actually taking my time to make a ban appeal for three day ban xD. The server is original and funny, my comment takes away that energy and I'll be working on it!
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    Just because savage is an admin doesn't mean he deserves my respect. People who communicate and mean something to me deserve my respect. You guys are terrible at your jobs at responding to the ban appeal. Christ I might as well wait three damn days. I've known Wesley since the beginning when neonlink was being born; he may not remember me, but I know for damn sure I was on the server when they were testing a ton of stuff out. Your a liar if you say that you've never said the n word before. I'm coming forward and apologizing for saying what has been said and will be working on it. I know exactly what I said but I feel you made a mistake and are trying to cover for yourself. We all make mistakes and I'm apologizing for mine. I feel like warning is perfect because I see an admin as any other person on this world. Like your saying that an admin is greater than everyone. Lmao this is Garry's mod like calm your tits yo.