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  1. -i will be active to the discord server -i am friendly to people on the servers -i have a co1u microphone -i am 13 -i have almost 3000 hours on gmod -i do understand the motd and rules of the server -i have no bans on the server -i have no warns on the server -there are not many staff on the server and i only have 20 mins on the server -I will be active 2 to 3 hours a day -disord name: Mr.Fleep#3007 -steam id: STEAM_1:0:203939140 -timezone: us central time -how long have you been apart of Neonlink?: about to be 6 hours -what is your rank in game? i'm a user -why do you want to be staff: so the reason for me wanting to be staff is the the server does not have that many staff members on it and i'm hoping to help out the server
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