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  1. +REP i feel that a 3 week ban is necessary but also not a perma
  2. +REP Active Good app Friendly person No bad interactions
  3. +/- Seen you on a couple of times No bad interactions with you at all almost no interactions though Pretty off topic/weak app decent amount of hours
  4. +/- Stays out of trouble seen you dead on the floor for 8 hours one time (pretty funny though) Not really any interactions Seen you a total of ONE time Please put your hours didnt hit 100 words honestly not a good app overall
  5. +/- Seen you on Not sure if you are mingey but you are in a mingey group (parker) this is not going to affect my opinion on you though minor interactions Not even really ever had a conversation with you Good application honestly i dont have an honest opinion on this
  6. just click on your name in the tab in game im not sure if you can edit your app but here you go STEAM_0:0:158267204
  7. +REP Although he doesn't have many hours, he tends to stay out of trouble Is a good person is friendly mature took all his money ZERO problems with you pretty active app could use a little work
  8. +rep Stays out of trouble only 1 warn which is really good had some interactions never had any bad interactions never had any bad interactions with him
  9. Fully agree with dogo ^^^^^^ +/-
  10. +rep Very nice and chill person Knows the rules stays out of trouble overall a good guy
  11. +rep seen you on a lot minor interactions but all were good stays out of trouble (i was going to put more stuff but my brain just died and i forgot)
  12. +/- Only seen you on today, not really any interactions,follows the rules from the looks of it but i cant really give my fair opinion on this
  13. Use format but this might’ve been a staff member that accidentally grabbed your steam ID instead of the minger’s
  14. Neutral know you are very active but little interactions with you
  15. Neutral Haven’t really had any interactions with you