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  1. My Discord name is Ducky#0138 just because the second he banned me was unfair
  2. It was year ago so around July and August
  3. Showing proof of what purge Wesley mistake
  4. 1. Name- Ducky 2. Ingame Name- Ducky 3. Steam ID- STEAM_0:1:118105481 4. Reason For Ban- "Exploiting" for using the old system of inventory pickup 5. Ban Time- Perma 6. Staff Member Who Banned Me- Wesley 7. Reason why I feel I should Be Unbanned- I know that i shouldv'e told the truth with Wesley when he messed up on purge system and reward system gave where 1 quadrillion dollars i was using inventory pick up and put it in the bank when he revert everything back 8. Do I regret breaking the rules- Sorry for breaking the rules its be like 2 year or more i dont
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