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  1. -/+ Neutral I had minimal interactions with you as a fruit slicer but a good app
  2. -/+ Neutral I've seen you on just not in the past week but ok interactions with you
  3. -/+ Neutral Man you need to put at least a little more effort in your appeal, and there is no evidence that you have to show what the situation was
  4. Pending DM me your time for your interview. To get the best score, read the MOTD and the Staff punishments.
  5. -Rep Had a sit with Pooshi and me before this about player harassment and NLR. Pulled to him to a sit because straight after that, he raids BillyB and husky, which they were both apart of the sit. There is alot of evidence against you in this scenario and I can have anyone who was there tell them about it. Also what does the evidence prove?
  6. Neutral -/+ Not many interactions with you but the few I had were ok
  7. +Rep Good App and really good guy, Wesley 2.0
  8. +Rep Has been staff before and was a pretty good staff, a decent application but make it a bit more serious next time
  9. -/+ Neutral I dont believe i've interacted with you
  10. +Rep You are a pretty good member of the community and you have a decent application Just only 78 hours
  11. -/+ Neutral Haven't really interacted with you other than a few sits Nice app though
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