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  1. -Rep There was 4 player combats of each you and arii rdming both of them not even near your base. What you could've done is called a staff member and not kill them unless they actually were violating the KOS Sign.
  2. -Rep You Know you had the contact ban, I understand the misconception of him switching playermodels. But his name is right in your face and you still proceeded to mug him so there is something on your part that you should've looked out for.
  3. -Rep If you hit the warn limit, that means you broke the rules alot so i don't know about this one chief
  4. There's a few things I wanna say 1. I have only been staff twice, I resigned once because I had issues with school and the other I got demoted because I was new and got staff 2. I can decide if I want to or not and I have, hence my re app. I have made my decision I can and want to be staff again to help the community grow again. 3: I will be dedicated because I have flexibility in my time and will be on the server. 4: I was monotone at the time because I was very depressed from overworking to try and get my grades up and much other irl problems. If this doesn't persuade you Hawk, I can't say anything else but I respect your opinion but here's my reasons
  5. It's a flexible class and its not even that long, if you read the app, you would see that
  6. In-game name: NLM Demote InsanelyPoorTrickshots Discord name: (Ex. Azazel#0069) InsanelyPoorTrickshots#6748 SteamID: (Ex. STEAM_0:0:84113529) STEAM_0:0:526623297 Age: (Required 15+) 15 Time zone: MST When are you most available: (Day or night) Day/Night How many hours per day can you be active in our community: like 3/4 hours? How long have you been a part of our community: since 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 How much play time do you have on the server: (72 hours required) 708 hours Have you ever been a staff member or a related role on another community: Yes this one and a different server Why would you like to become a member of the DarkRP Staff Team: (150 words) Well, brushing off the shit i've gotten into with some staff members and talking the times I have been before (when I was active) I wanted to become staff because I loved the community, and yet I still do. With how bad it's been, it may seem like i've been one of the negative ones who complain, I'm not. Yes I was very inactive through the summer because I had summer school, but i have a flexible class this month and I can hop on the server a lot more now (Without failing my classes again). I want to become apart of the staff team again because I want to be one of the active ones to help the community, i've been much more active in the last 2 weeks and it's gonna get better because I want to be come back again clean and ready to go again. What makes you a better choice over other applicants: (150 words) What makes me better from time before and time again, I have experience with this server, know the rules (mostly all of them I only have forgot like a few), and know most of the people who play on the server now, to the people who come to Neonlink and they are new, I will welcome them and show that the staff team is there to help them and keep a good impression of all of us and myself, (in some cases i'm not able to). I'm a better choice because when I was staff before, I Cut the minging to a minimum and stayed professional in the times I needed to be, and that is something I can do easily Do you promise not to abuse your powers in any shape or form: Yes How many hours in Garry's Mod: (Required 300) like 1.4k What your favorite animal: Hedgehogs How many total warns do you have: 2 How many active warns do you have: 0 Do you have the trusted role: (Required) Yes
  7. This shit looks disgusting, i want green back pls
  8. -/+ Neutral Eh, Jailbreak is a different server (ahem) but I can't remember a good time nor really bad time soooooooooooo.
  9. -/+ Neutral (Leaning towards +) While I do see you online, I just haven't interacted with you a lot to understand much but here is my opinion on you. When you first join you used to be alright and a few sits here and there with you but nothing special, time and time went on and less sits against you so I see improvement in knowing the rules, I would give you a +rep but I just don't talk to you often but you have a good amount of experience from being in sits and your app looks, good
  10. -REP I wouldn't have given you a -rep if you put more effort into your app, as you copy and pasted both reasons why you want to be staff again, if that is the effort you put into your second app i feel the outcome would reflect on this
  11. -Rep you are under the age requirement but only by one year. You should put more effort into your app, but it isn't terrible. I have no interactions with you either
  12. -/+ Neutral Little interactions and the few were iffy with me
  13. -/+ Neutral Cannot confirm or deny the toxicity, as I have only interacted with you in sits
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