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  1. This shit looks disgusting, i want green back pls
  2. -/+ Neutral Eh, Jailbreak is a different server (ahem) but I can't remember a good time nor really bad time soooooooooooo.
  3. -/+ Neutral (Leaning towards +) While I do see you online, I just haven't interacted with you a lot to understand much but here is my opinion on you. When you first join you used to be alright and a few sits here and there with you but nothing special, time and time went on and less sits against you so I see improvement in knowing the rules, I would give you a +rep but I just don't talk to you often but you have a good amount of experience from being in sits and your app looks, good
  4. -REP I wouldn't have given you a -rep if you put more effort into your app, as you copy and pasted both reasons why you want to be staff again, if that is the effort you put into your second app i feel the outcome would reflect on this
  5. -Rep you are under the age requirement but only by one year. You should put more effort into your app, but it isn't terrible. I have no interactions with you either
  6. -/+ Neutral Little interactions and the few were iffy with me
  7. -/+ Neutral Cannot confirm or deny the toxicity, as I have only interacted with you in sits
  8. +Rep I dont usually give second chances but i've seen you improve and you made a decent application dont make me regret this choice
  9. +Rep Very good application, Haven't had many interactions with you but he put a lot of time into this it looks like
  10. -/+ Neutral mixed feelings about this app, I just haven't seen you really and also try to follow the format next time but its a decent app
  11. -/+ Neutral It's been awhile since you have been seen other than this last 2 weeks, minimal interactions with you
  12. -/+ Rep (Leaning towards +) Have a good reputation in the community, but you needed to put a little more work in this application
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