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  1. +/- REP You are a chill guy but not that active in the community
  2. +REP Good guy is active and is my pet dragon
  3. ?


    -REP Ok here is all of the proof behind the ban and he put no effort into this appeal also has been banned for player targeting https://medal.tv/clips/43505176/d1337lUx9oNZ https://medal.tv/clips/43739594/d1337sZBUdnH https://medal.tv/clips/44366040/d1337eUzKwRq.
  4. +REP Good guy old member of the community that started to play again
  5. +/- REP Not many interactions with you to make a decision
  6. Yes he can his reply is the most important in the ban appeal
  7. -REP We had just got done with a sit with you for player diss and RDM and both sits were from people in Unknown and immediately after the sit you went and raided our base
  8. BIGGEST +REP EVER Husky is an active member of the community is a funny guy he knows the rules very well (to my knowledge) also no warns
  9. ?

    For the Staff.

    We're staff on a garry's mod darkrp server you think we got lives?
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