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  1. I just wanna know this shit gonna come back up or nah
  2. -REP Actions face consequences just wait 3 months without getting a warn and all your warns will be removed
  3. -REP 1: I was not at the community meeting 2: You asked me to remove the sign and as soon as you did I removed it 3: It was a joke we all 3 of us (AC, PM, ACE) had donation walls open cracking jokes
  4. +/- REP You just came back after reset then started playing again you are pretty chill tho
  5. -REP I did not ignore you I sat there and explained what happened
  6. -REP You got back on the server after a while and just was a complete minge clean up your act and I will change it to a +REP
  7. -REP You were not very good staff in the past and also you just came back and it is your first day playing again and you're applying for staff
  8. +REP Racist he will fit just right in with the staff team if he stays that way!
  9. Neutral rep Insert 4 paragraph long essay Me and Lycan have had our ups and downs we started playing the server at the same time basically and we shift from liking each other to hating eachother we have our differences and in my opinion the way I see it I should stay neutral
  10. -REP Don't get me wrong you are really chill to talk to and RP with but in sits and staff situations you can get really mad and yell in sits and I habe sat there and tried to tell you to stop in sits and you just don't listen
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