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  1. Its still promotion he could tell people to +REP it. Promotion is Promotion.
  2. -REP, Promoted Inside Chat. Can Say We Were Cracking Jokes And you Also Put Yours In Front Of Mine. Don't Be A Hypocrite.
  3. +REP, Staff Are Bias Don't Listen To Them Haters. Womp Is A Good Player And Should Get Trusted. I mean Come On. You guys were gonna let underaged kids into staff.
  4. Discord name: (Ex. Azazel#0069) Mintee#3537 Suggestion: Make Agent 47 KOS'able ONLY If He Is Disguised As You. Description: I Think It Would Make Sense If He Was KOS To Who Ever He Is Disguised As Since He Steals Your Identity To Complete Task Such As Killing And Raiding And Then It Shows Your Name In The Feed And People Will Make Sense To Be Able To Take Care Of Your Dopple Who Is Evil. Or Just Remove Them Taking Your Name And Just Have Them Disguise Instead. It Gets Kinda Annoying When People Think Its You And Someone Kills In Disguise On Accident And I Get In Trouble For It Hasn
  5. +REP, Give The Man His Spot Back! I Demand It.
  6. -REP, I Am Not Seeing Any Clear Evidence Besides The Warn.
  7. +REP, Staff Striked Me, Bad Leader, He Is Blonde, Has Blue Eyes, Buck Should Take His Place.
  8. +REP, I'm Mostly The Only Staff To Disagree With This Update. But Yea, Money Drop Is Dumb. Percentage Was Put At 3% Today. That Is A Lot Of Money. Please Lower It Or Remove It.
  9. +REP, Deserves 4th Chance. But I Expect To See Him Actually Do Better This Time.
  10. -REP, I'm Going To Be Honest. I Don't Think You Would Fit Staff Seeing You Have Slight Anger Issues Possibly. I See You Get Angry At People A Lot When I Am On And End Up Taking It Out On Them By Killing Them Or Screaming In Anger Or Calling Them Names. If I See A Temper Change I Might Consider A -/+ REP (This Is Also Coming From A Person Who Can Be Easily Angered.)
  11. +REP, Yes. Very Yes. Good Member.
  12. -REP, I'm Not Gonna Lie I Wasn't Around Long Enough When You Were Staff But When I Seen You On The Server You Can Be VERY Mingey. I'm Glad You Want To Help The Server But In My Opinion I Think Its A -REP.
  13. +REP, Super Chill Kid. Fun To Hang Out With. Knows Most Server Rules.
  14. -REP, Not Hearing Good Things About You. Sorry Jumbo, After Seeing And Hearing These Things I Think It Would Be Best To Just Leave It Be.
  15. Yes. If Edited Or Changed To 100 Words Or More And I See Some Effort Put Into The Application I Will Change It to Either A -/+REP or A +REP
  16. Uncompleted Format. -REP, Sorry Lil Bro.
  17. -REP, I Have Not Seen You Before But Once In The Morning.
  18. +REP, Have Not Had Any Issues With You And You Are A Good And Well Taken Care Of Player! Deserves Trusted.
  19. -REP, Don't Believe I've Seen You On Lately. Sorry Dude.
  20. -REP, Didn't Get Anywhere Near Word Count. Sorry Dude, I've Had Some Iffy Experiences With You As Well.
  21. -REP, Nowhere Close To Word Count. Haven't Seen You On Lately. And I Have Had Bad Experiences. Sorry.
  22. -REP, Uncompleted Application. Had Many Bad Experiences With You. Don't Believe You Should Be Trusted.
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