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  1. +rep, you can act mature if you put your mind to, you lied on your staff app ill let it pass, you most likely will be declined because of it
  2. POG CHAMP - Andy 2020/2021
  3. +rep bullies me, and isn't that bad of minge anymore, could be a bit less of a nerd
  4. +rep He bullies me, and can be chill, doesn't say the nword (WAFFLE)
  5. +rep, Your pretty chill, not to many interactions but the ones i have had been great, pretty trust worthy.
  6. -Rep, i have a photo of you making a false sit, you 1 stared a sit after i did everything you asked, i have video of you selling someone elses weed without asking or adverting steal, and calling someone by their nationality , isn't racism so no it wasn't a false ban
  7. ZIGGY


    Discord name: ZIGGY#4951 Suggestion: New Jobs - The Mafia Description: There would be 3 mafia jobs ( 2 Dons - Owner of the Mafias) ( 4 Mafia Enforcers 2 per Mafia) (14 Mafia Members 7 per Mafia) The two mafias would fight eachother and would be able to buy out cops and make them corrupt (corrupt cops would still have to stop pd and bank raids, They would only let the mafia move drugs, guns, and release mafia members from jail) the would also be able to buy out the mayor, making it so they would tell the mayor the laws he could make (either with money or threats) They would be
  8. -Rep Advertised in a neonlink vc, with 3 staff and 6 players and a gay guy (flyguy)
  9. -/+ Who? (I don't think ive seen this person on the server)
  10. +rep he is pretty chill once you learn who he is, he just gets player targeted a lot just needs to chill sometimes
  11. +rep Chill dude, great staff, a lot of great interactions, pretty pogchamp
  12. +rep we were gaming on fortnite, he is actually really chill once you get to know him. He just gets player targeted alot
  13. +rep he bullies me all the time, kinda funny tbh one problem HE MOANS WAY TO MUCH
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