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  1. +/- Neutral Haven't had any interactions i could remember
  2. -rep You were banned for using external softwares so i don't know if you should be unbanned, also like ? said you didnt put a lot of time or effort into the unban
  3. 1. Name: NotGreg 2. Steam Name: NotGreg 3. SteamID: no thanks 3. What Can You Do: Not a lot, but i'm cool so ya 5. Got Any Example Of Past Work?: nope 6. Can You Do Photoshop Cs6? Yes Or No *If Yes Got An Example? nope not at all 7. Why Would You Wanna Be Staff On NeonLink? (5 sentences)i mean im already staff so like ya 8. How Can We Trust You? (5 sentence) i think so, but who knows tbh 9. When Can You Dev? all the time 10. How Long? forever, my soul belongs to NeonLink
  4. Im so cool

  5. +rep this man is by far the best staff member we've had since i first got staff. Knows the rules better than most staff members do and takes sits extremely well and have never had a problem with him GoodLuck : )
  6. +/- Neutral No interactions that i can remember
  7. i fully support this +rep for picture
  8. +rep Super chill dude, definitely knows the rules, haven't had ever had a problem with you +rep for saying geese as fav animal : ) Goodluck
  9. +/- Neutral Havent really had alot of interactions with you to give a honest opinion
  10. +/- Neutral Ive only had a few interactions with you that i can remember, those of which i think were good but i can remember tbh Goodluck : )
  11. -/+ Neutral You're a nice person and super active, however, i haven't had a lot of interactions with you to give you a +rep Goodluck : )
  12. +rep the interactions ive had with you have been good and i havent had a single problem with you. Glad i could help you write your app : ) Goodluck
  13. +/- Neutral Although you are a nice person, at times you can be very mingy and can have an attitude towards players/staff. You were also demoted and given staff strikes for abusing and being mingy while being staff so i personally don't think you should be staff again. I want it noted that i dont think youre bad staff. you had good sit quality and were on more than needed to be and ur kinda insane when it comes to activity.
  14. +/- rep I haven't had a lot of interactions with you to give a solid opinion. Hopefully we can have more interactions in the future. Goodluck : )
  15. -rep According to Elevona you were suppose to be banned yesterday and i personally had a user message me that he was leaving the server because of you harassing him. You are really mingy most times you are on so i don't think you deserve to be unbanned.