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  1. Can't find where to delete my account so could someone forum ban me or delete my account please. I'm leaving this server and I'd rather not leave my information here
  2. +rep super fucking hot omg like can't stop thinking about him make him staff
  3. 😔 😔😔😔😔 + rep would make gud staff
  4. like ? said eco wipe would be good but unbox wouldnt i dont have much in unbox but some people do and they either spent countless hours to attain those items or actually spent real money buying em off players in game so that would probably kill the server for a lot of people
  5. +rep after talking to them i genuinely think they like the server and made some stupid mistakes so i say give them another chance
  6. cant you already mute boomboxes ?
  7. this and didnt you spam the forums like last week
  8. Who tf let a bird post suggestions here? This server is going downhill fast
  9. omg thanks you so much uwu i will ban anyone that says something mean to you in game
  10. i have the authority to accept this so... its accepted
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