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  1. +Rep I Love Ya Kimi, I Would Love To See You Back As Staff, Literally Like All My Interactions With You Have Been Good
  2. +Rep Good App, Good Interactions I Have Had With You
  3. +/- Rep I Like You, But With The First Interactions I've Had With You Were Really Mingy, Although You Are Much Better Now, You Still Kinda Mingy
  4. +Rep Seems you've served your time for whatever the hell you were banned for
  5. +Rep I haven't had the most interactions with you but they've all been great.
  6. +Rep You Are A Great Guy To Play and Base with, You Are Always Active, I Think You'd Fit Just Fine On The Team
  7. +Rep Honestly Haven't Had the Most Interactions with You But The Ones I Have Had Are Good And You Don't Seem That Mingy
  8. +Rep Haven't Had the Most Interactions but The Ones I Have Had Have Always Been Pretty Positive
  9. +/- I haven't really had any interactions with you.
  10. - Rep I do see you on a lot, even though as of late you have been better, you are kinda a minge, but you just advertised your app which be a no-no
  11. +Rep I see you on when I am on, I enjoy interactions with you and I think You'd Be A Good Member.
  12. +Rep I like you a lot, though not the most interactions the ones I have had are good.