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  1. DENIED~ reapply in 1-2 weeks
  2. accepted for trainee. doesnt cause trouble and is very active (:
  3. accepted for trainee, don't abuse or you lose it. (mature,friendly,funny,not a minge, understands the rules & very active on discord)
  4. PLEASE USE THIS TEMPLATE WHEN MAKING AN APPLICATION IF YOUR APPLICATION IS MARKED PENDING, PLEASE COME TO THE DISCORD FOR YOUR SHORT INTERVIEW https://discord.gg/HNKsVWs In-Game Name: Discord Name (eg: John#1234): SteamID (Not SteamID64): Age (15+ Req.): Timezone: When are you most available? (Day/Night): How many hours per day can you be active in our community? How long have you been a part of our community? How much play time do you have on the server? (3d Req.): Have you ever been a staff member or a related role on another community? (Req.): Why would you like to become a member of the DarkRP Staff Team? (150 words): What makes you a better choice over other applicants? (150 words): Do you promise not to abuse your powers in any shape or form?: How many hours in Garry's Mod? (300 Req.): What your favorite animal? (Optional): How many warns do you have and how many are active? (Less than 5 total and 0 Active Req.): Are you trusted? (Req.):
  5. DENIED. you dont have enough hours, as kin said. plus i haven't seen you on, like at all.
  6. [-----RDM / RDA / LTAP-----] x1 = Warn x2 = Warn + Jail 3 mins (!jail "person" 3) x3 = Warn + Jail 6 mins (!jail "person" 6) x4 = Ban for 1 day (Mass RDM/RDA) Mass RDM/RDA x5, x6, x7, etc. = 1 Day added to ban for each additional RDM/RDA (5 would be 2 day ban, 6 would be 3 day ban, etc.). LTAP - 1 day ban added on to punishment. (Example: RDM x1 and they leave = 1 day ban + 1 warn for RDM.) [-----MIC & CHAT SPAM / DISRESPECT / NITRP-----] NITRP = 1 day ban Use your best judgement when banning players for NITRP. Mic/Chat spamming is a warn and gag/mute for 5 minutes. Continued spamming after this results in a warn and a kick. Homophobia/Sexism is a warn and gag/mute for 5 minutes. Racism is a day ban (The N-word at all is racist) Continued disrespect after this results in a ban for NITRP. [-----Prop Minge/Prop Block-----] Will be asked to remove it and given a warn. If you refuse we will kick you. If repeated apon return this will result in a ban. Prop blocking spawn will result in a week ban. [-----NLR / FAILRP-------] NLR (New life rule) is 5 minutes. 1st time warn 2nd time warn & jail for 1.5 mins 3rd time warn & jail for 4 mins 4th time warn then kick 5th time ban for 1 day [-----STAFF PUNISHMENTS / RULES-------] 1. Listen to your higher ups. 2. Don't randomly physgun players. 3. For ever 10 players, there needs to be 1 staff on. (30 players = 3 Staff on) 4. Do not go AFK while on duty. 5. Don't spawn in weapons during roleplay, you will be given a strike. 6. Read motd, understand the rules. 7. You need to be active. If you're inactive and you have not made an LOA on the forums you will be given inactivity warnings or be demoted. 8. Respect all players and staff. 9. Take staff sits to roof or an isolated area. 10. Staff meetings are every saturday at 6pm EST and are mandatory (If you can't attend for some reason, let Mr. Blob know). 11. If you have an issue with another staff member (e.g. for abusing/not doing their job etc.) let the advisor or higher up know with screenshots/videos if acquired. Don't make a big deal out of it. Anyone who brings this up will not be named. 12. Do not be biased. Punish everyone equally. Do not let a friend get away with breaking rules. 13. Do not upgrade non-staff members' printers to the staff levels. 14. Confirm that a player is cheating before banning them permanently. Spectate them until you witness them cheating. 15. Don't be too harsh when giving out staff/player disrespect (E.g. A simple "F*ck Off" is not disrespect).
  7. accepted! will add when a slot for staff opens. make sure to be active on the discord!
  8. DENIED! you have far too many warns and i dont think you're ready for staff. re-apply in 2 weeks