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  1. You see greg i was there to rp but then when you wouldn't hear me out on why i should've been unmuted because 5 min made no sense when the sit ended.
  2. 1: Name: Cat That Juuls 2: In Game name: Thats been enough of you today 3: SteamID: Steam ID:76561198272015085 4: Reason for Ban: NITRP 5: Ban time: 1 Day 6: Staff Member who banned you: NotGreg Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:512378273 7: Reason why you feel you should be unbanned: I want to apologize for putting the text screen saying "abuse gang" just because i was mad that NotGreg was using his power in a way that just didn't seem right. I feel that i should be unbanned because as i was in a sit, NotGreg came over (he wasn't the admin in the sit that took the ticket) and then muted me for 5 minutes. I was talking over the trail-mod which i understand but muting me for 5 minutes with no warning is a little over the top. I wouldve been okay if he unmuted afterwards but he didn't so therefore i got a little agitated. He then didn't warn me again for the NITRP, keep in mind I haven't been warned over text or verbally and I got banned for a day. I get putting the sign and saying it in chat wasn't the correct option and i should've just waited out my time but getting banned without even getting warned kind of seems like overkill. He did the same thing about 2 weeks ago as I said in another post but that's done and over with. 8: Do you regret breaking the Server Rules ( unless Falsely Banned 😞😞: As I said on question number 7 I do understand that I shouldn't have put the text screen or said what i said in chat and talking over the trial-mod but again NotGreg was a bit excessive and unorderly. 9. Evidence (Required): You can check the logs to see what I said, and yes I do feel bad for the things I said but I was just heated at the time because I got a mute for 5 minutes without warning then he pulled me to him and just said that he was going to ban me for NITRP.
  3. Im replying because i left some info out, the dissing an admin thing is suck bs because there is no rule saying you can't call someone a bad admin or something, and the admins said i wasnt apart of MY OWN SIT and sent me back so then i had my friend call the admin again, and the first time i was i the sit the admin told me that i shouldve made a ticket when it happened and i did, they all got ignored i put 3-5 and hes saying that i didnt put one. That was just some extra info
  4. Earlier today this guy kept breaking nlr and rdming me and my friend. When my friend did the same back he got jailed which is understandable but we were talking to the admins who didnt do ANYTHING to the other dude who did the exact same. I wad talking to the admins about it and i was obviously getting annoyed so then i got banned for NITRP and "dissing an admin" yes the ban is only for a day but i feel like something should happen to the admin that banned me for no reason or the other dude that was involved. Sorry for bad formatting im writing this on my phone.