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  1. The server is getting a rework. It will be launched on October 3rd.
  2. +rep Danny is a very much pog person. He knows the rules well and is super nice to players. While the past is the past I expect you to be a great staff member and do the community good. You have prior staffing experience on the server which is great and I wish you good luck!
  3. +/- rep not too many interactions if any.
  4. +rep travis scott burger
  5. -rep no interactions and you are not trusted. to get the trusted rank apply on the forums at good luck!
  6. +/- good guy but not many interactions
  7. huge +rep you are a very caring and funny person. I have never seen you ever mad or not like someone. I think you would be a great staff member! Good Luck
  8. HUGE +REP This guy is very nice on every occasion I have seen Never had any bad experiences Knows the rules well Absolutely BEAUTIFUL Application Good Luck! -Kimi
  9. -rep doesn't meet age requirement not a bad application sorry man you just don't meet the requirement
  10. +rep good player that knows the rules can get a little mad at times no bad interactions
  11. no hate btw just sharing my opinion
  12. +rep no bad interactions nice guy knows the rules
  13. +/- rep not many bad interactions or any interactions at all. (not a bad thing) nice guy. maybe could know the rules better. good luck ❤️