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  1. +Rep Pretty Chill, Got a little less active, but he still is pretty cool and I think he should have trusted
  2. -Rep Definitely 16 Very Active Not Lying at all Yes
  3. -Rep Not really a person that I think would be fit for staff, not that fun to rp with
  4. -REP Going along with what Cosmo has said here, I feel like you have re-applied too soon. You were taken off the list for having an RDM war after being told to stop various times. If you made any sort of improvement and showed that you have improved my answer would be different. -Kiwi I feel the same, I didn't quote it right so I just copy & pasted lol
  5. +rep, very bad staff, very bad at fortnite, all around bad guy! ^ Actual +rep
  6. +Rep He left to go to icefuse, but he was great staff, I think he should get a second chance.
  7. +rep I have talked to you a few times and they have been good interactions, good fit for staff, is pretty good about knowing the rules, but there is a long wait list so prepare to wait to get in.
  8. switching to a +Rep, pretty cool guy and been pretty active, and he knows all the rules
  9. Discord name: Buck#3855 Suggestion: Cliipzz Cone Backpack in-game Description: Self explanatory but basically like baby hawk and mongo head backpack but cliipzz cone Reason: It's an emote in the discord and should be a backpack in game Link/Example:
  10. -Rep Unpleasant, Very Active Though, Kinda Mingy also.
  11. +Rep Cool Guy, Very Funny. All around very pog!
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