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  1. -Rep I am sorry, I just think you probably should check the name before you mugged him, people could be the same pm all the time, you should've known better.
  2. - Rep If you want to be unbanned, you can buy one on the forums, otherwise I don't think we could just unban you unless it was a false ban.
  3. +Rep Pretty Active Doesn't break rules
  4. -Rep Advertised Otherwise I would +Rep
  5. Discord name: Buck#5383 Suggestion: Add Zero's Crackermaker Description: It is a firework maker job that would be fun for money making. Reason: It would be a fun money making job, I know you don't want that many GMS addons Wesley, but I think people would like to have a firework maker job. Link/Example: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/zero-s-crackermaker-firework-production
  6. +rep Very inactive last time but it was for school so I will +rep Pls don't go inactive again Last time you were pretty good staff.
  7. +Rep Pretty good aret job n-
  8. +/- Rep You are kind of a minge, you need to stop minging then I will consider a +Rep.
  9. Denied You may reapply when you have a better reputation within the community (Minimum 72 Hours).
  10. +/- Rep I have had a lot of bad interactions with you, and also some good ones, so I am going to have to Neutral Rep because of the bad interactions.
  11. +Rep Very Active Pretty Chill Australian Knows a lot of the rules.
  12. +/- Rep Haven't had many interactions with you, if you interact with me more, and they are good interactions, I will +Rep, but it is kind of difficult for you this week because I am on LOA and won't really be on the server
  13. +/- Rep Chill, but you haven't played for a bit while I am writing this.
  14. Buck


  15. -Rep Didn't follow format also you said "where is mintee" then proceeded to kill him and little mister and then left the game, not a false ban.
  16. -Rep Pooshi is correct, there is no possible way to be clicking the slot machine while being tabbed out, you would have to be using a macro/autoclicker.
  17. -Rep Kinda been a minge when you got back on the server, when you first joined you literally MRDM'd, maybe be more active and less mingy and I will consider a +Rep.
  18. +/- Rep Word Count is very low I would +Rep but you got to put effort into your applications if you want to make trusted or staff. Next time if you put more effort in I will +Rep
  19. - Rep He advertised He also hasn't been very active before posting this
  20. +Rep Very Racist Very Homophobic Very Minge
  21. +Rep No RDM Staff Cool Yeah welcuam toa tje saft tame
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