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  1. +Rep was a good staff member before RDM's me a lot Pretty cool guy Bought me a DB Would've been a -Rep for your puns weirdo Welcome Back Lycan!
  2. -Rep I agree with Mintee, you do have a lot of anger issues that need to be fixed. Otherwise, I would +/- Rep.
  3. +Rep He is very awkward man and should be demoted.
  4. 1: Your Steam Name: Buck 2: Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:539995503 3: Staff Member's Name: Spikedupwiwi 4: Staff Member you are Reporting SteamID: STEAM_0:0:97282347 5: Explain your Side of the Situation: That kiwi guy is very cringe and shouldn't be staff, first reason, he is in the east coast, secondly he is dating someone, I want him demoted back to prestige trial mod. He also said he likes monkey soup, which is very racist. 6: Evidence (Required): 7: Any other Details: He is weird
  5. +rep Pretty Chill Pretty Active Deserves Trusted.
  6. Yes, You should get trusted, you were actually playing yesterday and weren't mrdming, I hope it stays that way. Response with yes courtesy of Adam Market the king!
  7. +Rep Pretty good staff before, just don't go inactive on us again. You came back pretty fast. Also, don't RDM war again lol
  8. +/- Rep Not many interactions, but most of the interactions I have had with you were good ones, so this is more leaning towards +Rep
  9. +/- Rep You were a good staff member but all of the time after you were demoted, you were very mingy, also you were kinda punishment hungry when you were staff.
  10. +Rep Pretty cool guy Pretty Trustworthy No Warns How do you not have trusted after 200 hours
  11. +Rep Pretty Active Not many warns Kinda mingy Deserves Trusted
  12. +/- Rep I don't think I have that many interactions with you, If I have a little bit more interactions, maybe this will be a +Rep
  13. -Rep You are very active but you have a lot of warns, also you didn't reach the word limit or any close.
  14. +Rep Good guy, was staff before, and is very trustable.
  15. -Rep Like cleep said, you are a cool kid, but you can be very mingy at times, also you have a lot of warns. Also advertised
  16. +/- Rep I think I have seen you a few times, but you haven't really played much recently, if you become a little more active, this will be a +Rep.
  17. -Rep Never seen you in my life, I see you have played for 3 years but I haven't seen you on at all recently, or ever. So if you want trusted, I would be more active.
  18. -Rep Didn't reach word limit, otherwise I have had good interactions with you so this would be a +rep
  19. -Rep Uncompleted Application. I have had pretty good and bad interaction
  20. -Rep Mason, you made the entire fountain area KOS and killed a lot of people and you should know by now that that is not allowed. You need to stop minging, I feel like you would have a fun time if you actually played the server.
  21. -Rep I am very sorry to be -Repping but you didn't reach anywhere close to the word requirement, you are a cool guy but you got to put effort in your trusted application to get it, I know it is a lot of words but you just got to get at least close to it.
  22. +Rep Pog Man Kinda went inactive a bit Calls Me The Buck/Mr. Buck This response is also pretty bias like Kiwi's
  23. +Rep Pretty Chill Semi Active Deserve Trusted Even though you don't meet the requirement for hours
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