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  1. -Rep Definitely A Joke App No Where Near The Word Requirement No Time Or Effort Put Into It Haven't Had Any Interactions With You
  2. -Rep Like Mintee said, I am also leaning towards a +/- Rep but you don't meet the age requirements, you should wait a year to apply, you are super active though, so if I am still staff in a year, I will +Rep, but today I'm still going to -Rep. Also, you should have a mic, as I said before, it's not required but a staff should have it.
  3. Hello Mr Adam! You're the best man on the server.
  4. +Rep Should be 2 days, I don't know why Pooshi did 3 days. But I mean Pooshi is kinda right but I won't -Rep because of that.
  5. -Rep You have 100+ hrs you should know the rules by now, you should’ve know you can’t KOS if near, and you were not falsely warned, I see what cleep means but that still doesn’t take away from the fact that that rule has been there for almost a year and you still have not read it. I believe this warn was not false and it should not be removed.
  6. +/- Rep Pretty Mingy, all interactions with you have kind of been mingy, but pretty active.
  7. +/- Rep I don't have many interactions with you but the ones I do have are good, also you didn't reach the word requirement, I am leaning closer to a +Rep though.
  8. +/- Rep I don't have many interactions with you but I hear you are mingy.
  9. +/- I am debating giving you a +Rep because you became more active, but you kinda went inactive for a while, so for this one I'm going to give you +/- Rep.
  10. +/- Rep You have improved a little but I still think that you need to become more mature, if you wait a little more and become better as a player and not get as many warns, you will definitely deserve trusted
  11. +/- Rep Haven't seen you on much, also you don't meet the word requirements.
  12. +Rep Very Great Man Doesn't break the rules Deserves Trusted Keep up the great work!
  13. +Rep it says I said that I wanted you banned, but I probably said something like that as a joke, but it was taken out of context, I do agree that ARDM shouldn't be a warnable offense, but with the evidence I saw, I thought he was just shot for b-hopping around your base, not because he was semi close to your door, also he said he went up to your door and shook the handle once and left, you didn't have any evidence to back up that he was loitering, but still. I think I misunderstood the situation and you shouldn't of gotten warned. I think you should be unbanned, I think you just need to learn to control your anger, try your hardest not to be warned again and maybe you would have a lot more fun on the server. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  14. +Rep Not too many interactions but they were pretty good, I think you are trustworthy
  15. -Rep Very Mingy, No trust for you what so ever, also learned today that he's gay. JK +Rep Pretty Cool, Chill, Kinda Mingy, but we have waffle on our staff team so yeah.
  16. +/- Rep Used to be active, went inactive for like a month maybe 2, then comes back for a day and makes a trusted app. Also didn't do the word limit and just got rid of it.
  17. Discord name: Buck#5383 Suggestion: Nerf the Weed Grower Description: Weed Grower Nerf Reason: Nerf the Weed Grower because it is overpowered, it is the best job and no one plays the other jobs because it makes so much more money. Nerfing the Weed Grower would make people play the other jobs like Meth Cook and Trashman.
  18. Discord name: Buck#5383 Suggestion: Add a Firework Maker Description: A Firework Maker Reason: I was playing a server (before I was staff) and it had a Firework Maker job and it was very fun, make it so you can sell the fireworks just so you can't crash the server with it. It would be another fun money making job.
  19. Buck


    Discord name: Buck#5383 Suggestion: Add Lean Back Description: Add the Lean Maker Job back Reason: The lean maker was fun, idk why it was removed but it was a fun job to make money with.
  20. I am going to have to +/- Rep this because half of those hours you just AFK'd to get, but if you get your hours actually playing, I will change this to a +Rep
  21. -Rep Cliipzz kinda said what I would've said, also you are kinda being toxic in these comments.
  22. +Rep Pretty cool mans, kinda mingy, but funny. -Ziggy's Friend Actually -Rep man
  23. +Rep Chill, Trustworthy, definitely worthy of getting trusted
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