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  1. +rep pretty cool dude to chill around I believe he deserves trusted good luck man 👍
  2. +/- I forgot if I’ve had interactions with you
  3. My faction has the upgrade for the grapple hook and I never get it when I spawn in
  4. Reason 1 funny reason 2 you sell gamepass you get bobux. Bobux = money I want neonlikk game
  5. +rep can be a bald potato at times but gamer cool
  6. -rep it’s 2 in the fucking morning and you made me read a book and I think you kinda smell and plus if you READ THE MOTD you wouldn’t be in the situation so stfu and deal with it also I think you need to read chat every so often because it literally says “to avoid being banned read the motd” now go back to 4th grade and Summarize your book
  7. +rep super cool dude based with me other day and is deserving of trusted
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