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  1. -rep smelly interactions with you 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥵🥵🥵🥵
  2. +rep the hobo fucking deserved it
  3. +rep FREE MY MAN HE DONE NOTHING no profo
  4. Like everyone has said I don’t believe you are fit for the position. I have personally had very horrible situations such as you being majorly toxic which I don’t think a trait staff should have secondly I had a moment where I had a base down and instead of raiding others you decide you were only going to raid me so over all you don’t deserve staff maybe wait a while before re applying and try to get a better reputation in the community and next time you may get accepted 😳😳😳 -rep
  5. Provided no proof but after what mason said you looking mad sussy 0-0 -rep
  6. +/- rep I agree with waffle unless you have any proof I can’t say anything sorry man a ban screen doesn’t help the situation. Good luck
  7. +/- rep sorry I don’t believe I’ve had any interactions with you Ingame but good job on the application
  8. I just dont like boomboxes they are annoying thats it either make it so you can mute them or just remove the job from the game
  9. -rep the entire time I was playing he just complete was an asshole and when I had my base up he would only use his raids to go for me
  10. Pretty shit application wait your ban out. -rep
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