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  1. asshole is clenched and my autism is go LETS OPEN SOME CORONA VIRUS
  2. You are a fucking retard your the real life meth head we rp as in darkrp lmao
  3. Aka sometimes its good and others times not so much
  4. Jesus on fucking toast i know it took like 8 pages of arguing with one retard but admins HOLY FUCK just lock this so i dont have to read anymore autism
  5. -REP troublemaker is the word to describe you
  7. Steamid for future referance STEAM_1:1:124417539 https://steamidfinder.com/lookup/
  8. I assume you mean the profile link in which case yes +REP I remember this dude but i also remember he didn't ever do that shit
  9. Dicks hard hoes mad dicks hard hoes agree
  10. How does this correlate to the ban appeal? this is not a ban request
  11. +REP Idillard is not to blame he likely saw it like you were rdming them. also hotfuta is a bit over the top with following rules if you guys weren't reporting each other and kept it to yourselves as causalities then thats fine. Like i always say "if no one is reporting each other we are gucci"
  12. +REP He is a good mannered player and VERY RARELY have had to involve him in anything
  13. Funny thing is reem is french embers isn't -REP No evidence,WEAK APP,and argumentative
  14. i dont think ya mans is getting added but the gun should