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  1. +/- REP I personally haven't had many experiences with you, although this is exactly how I ended up where I am! I believe you'd be a good trusted member as you don't have any warns, and I don't believe I've seen you in a sit that isn't specifically on you. Good luck!
  2. +REP The times I've played with you, you never get into trouble and you help out people in the server. I'd like to see you as trusted as you're pretty active in the server! Good luck!
  3. +REP I've had a few interactions with you and you seem to understand the rules well enough to stay out of trouble. You're quite active on the server and, like myself, this is the first server I've really played on. Good luck!
  4. +/- REP I don't think I've had a single interaction with you, and your application is pretty weak. Good luck, though.
  5. +/- REP I haven't seen you on the server, but that's probably because I'm not really on at the same time you are, but I have heard that you're very active and know the rules better than most people. Great application and good luck!
  6. -REP You just advertised your app in the servers. You're a really annoying minge and every experience I've had with you had been bad. Please try and calm out the minging.
  7. +/- REP Considering the past, we had times like this. Although, to other people it seems like an RDM war rather than you and your friend just having fun. It is still against the rules and someone decided to report it. I can't really say whether you should be unbanned or not, but I'm leaning towards an unban.
  8. +/- REP Not many interactions with you, but the few I've had have been alright. You're pretty chill and know the rules, as well as you're pretty active. Good job on your application tho. Good luck.
  9. +/- REP (More towards +) Haven't had a lot interactions with you, but the few I've had, had been pretty good. You're active and know the rules pretty well. Only problem is the SteamID (goto steamid.io and grab your SteamID, not SteamID3 or SteamID64. I.E. Mine is STEAM_0:0:1226702)
  10. +REP Pretty good guy from the few interactions I've had with him. Only sits I've had have been questions rather than problems. Great application in my eyes and I feel like you would make a good staff member. +/- REP Your hours are a tad low on the server, but to be fair, I had low hours on the server AND the game. Good luck!
  11. -REP Doesn't read the rules. Is quite a minge whenever I've been in sits with him. Plus the amount of warns is quite ridiculous. Please actually read the rules and be more chill.
  12. +REP Known him since I started and he taught me a good bit. He's on quite a lot, I've only had good interactions with him. -REP Stole a lot of my money! We're all good tho. ❤️
  13. I changed my name from "Unfuckable badster" to "Femboy badster"
  14. Before reading, I would like to say that I'm sorry for the repetitive natrue of it all. While I've only been Trusted for a few days now, it may or may not have been to abide by the requirements for the application. In-Game Name: Unfuckable badster Discord Name (eg: John#1234): eldritch#0001 SteamID (Not SteamID64): STEAM_0:0:1226702 Age (15+ Req.): 19 years old. (April 4th, 2001) Timezone: Mountain Daylight Time When are you most available? (Day/Night): Mostly after How many hours per day can you be active in our community? Honestly upwards of 5 hours in one
  15. I recently changed my name to "Unfuckable badster" just as a heads up.
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