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  1. +/- REP (More towards +) Haven't had a lot interactions with you, but the few I've had, had been pretty good. You're active and know the rules pretty well. Only problem is the SteamID (goto and grab your SteamID, not SteamID3 or SteamID64. I.E. Mine is STEAM_0:0:1226702)
  2. +REP Pretty good guy from the few interactions I've had with him. Only sits I've had have been questions rather than problems. Great application in my eyes and I feel like you would make a good staff member. +/- REP Your hours are a tad low on the server, but to be fair, I had low hours on the server AND the game. Good luck!
  3. -REP Doesn't read the rules. Is quite a minge whenever I've been in sits with him. Plus the amount of warns is quite ridiculous. Please actually read the rules and be more chill.
  4. +REP Known him since I started and he taught me a good bit. He's on quite a lot, I've only had good interactions with him. -REP Stole a lot of my money! We're all good tho. ❤️
  5. I changed my name from "Unfuckable badster" to "Femboy badster"
  6. Before reading, I would like to say that I'm sorry for the repetitive natrue of it all. While I've only been Trusted for a few days now, it may or may not have been to abide by the requirements for the application. In-Game Name: Unfuckable badster Discord Name (eg: John#1234): eldritch#0001 SteamID (Not SteamID64): STEAM_0:0:1226702 Age (15+ Req.): 19 years old. (April 4th, 2001) Timezone: Mountain Daylight Time When are you most available? (Day/Night): Mostly after How many hours per day can you be active in our community? Honestly upwards of 5 hours in one session. I spend a lot of time on this server. How long have you been a part of our community? Not too long, but since I started I've had a good time. How much play time do you have on the server? (3d Req.): At the time of writing this I'm at 96 hours. Have you ever been a staff member or a related role on another community? (Req.): None other than Trusted. Why would you like to become a member of the DarkRP Staff Team? (150 words): I would like to join the team because I feel like I would be a good addition. I'm pretty chill with most of the admins on. There are a few I haven't really met all that well, but still. I've read over the rules and I'm still making sure I'm correct on certain things (Base building, mugging, kidnap, etc..) I try and make sure I'm in the right in whatever I do, I ask before I do anything I feel might be bad in the eyes of either mods or the rules. When I heard the staff was needing more members I made it my goal to try and join ya'll. While I haven't ever been a mod or anything of the sort on a server before, I wish to know how to do it all, not just for this server but for other servers if I ever decide to leave. I intend to stay on the staff team (if I get it) for a while because I really enjoy the server, and I want to watch it grow. What makes you a better choice over other applicants? (150 words): I feel like I have a good understanding of the rules of the server and how to handle people that are being rather difficult. I try to put off a more understanding and kind face so that I don't deter people in a sit. While I may be mingy now and then, if I were to be accepted onto the staff team I would calm it down to between friends and not invading on other peoples gameplay. I have been working to understand how DarkRP and ULX work so that if I get onto the staff team I'm not entirely a beginner, but rather just need guiding on certain things. On top of all that I feel like I don't have much of a desire to abuse as some other people, and I believe I'm mature enough to listen when people tell me things. By being a staff member I would be focused on keeping an unbiased and more justice driven opinion if someone, (I.E. friends) is breaking the rules. I have no intention of allowing things that are against the rules, but I wouldn't be entirely ball-busting, I would try and guide people to stay within the rules first, unless they are being complete brick walls. Do you promise not to abuse your powers in any shape or form?: I promise I will not abuse my powers. How many hours in Garry's Mod? (300 Req.): I currently have 229 hours in GMod. What your favorite animal? (Optional): Deer, any kind. How many warns do you have and how many are active? (Less than 5 total and 0 Active Req.): 0 total, 0 active. Are you trusted? (Req.): Yes I am. Much love, and thank you for reading. - Badster
  7. I recently changed my name to "Unfuckable badster" just as a heads up.
  8. 1. In-Game Name: badster 2. Discord Name (eg: John#1234): eldritch#0001 3. SteamID (Must have STEAM_ in ID! Do Not Use SteamID64!) STEAM_0:0:1226702 4. Hours On Server (48 hours req.): 73 hours at the time of doing this. 5. Reason You Love NeonLink (100 words): I started playing GMOD after watching some videos of DarkRP, found it to be fun. This was the first server that I have really ever actually played and my entire time on here has been nothing but good. The admins are really chill, most of the people are really nice in my time so far. When I hop on I always have a good time with friends and the admins. Some people are really chill to the point where you can "RDM" them and they won't really care because we're all having a good time. As well as everyone being nice, the variety of jobs make it nice to make a bunch of money, even without being a VIP you can make a ton of money. All in all, it's just a great server. 6. Are you on more during night/day: Mostly the evening to early morning, but there are times where I hop on during the day. 7. Do you agree if you are deemed untrustworthy you will lose your trusted rank and have to reapply? I agree and understand. 8. How many warns do you have? How many are active? As far as I know, I have no warns. If you have VIP, state so here: I have a month of it, but I do plan to get permanent.