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  1. In-game name: Owners Panda Discord name: Owners Panda#1690 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:224820035 Hours on server: Game states I have 26 hours played on the server, but I have over 24 hours, since I have played on this server for a while(Hours Reset). Reason you love NeonLink: The reason I love NeonLink is because most of the players are very fun to play with. And the Helper, Mods, and Admins are all very friendly. Furthermore, NeonLink has a brilliant distinguishable type of server, that most servers do not have. NeonLink's admins are professional in the way they handle all situati
  2. So, I had a sign in my shop I was a fighter host, the sign said DO NOT CURSE OR KOS. But, ? decided to curse anyways and he kept doing even when I told him to stop so, I told him "Ok then if you want to curse, I'll just hack your account" then I stood there for seconds acting like I was in a different window hacking his account. Then, he said "You know I can permenantly ban you?" And I said " XD dude I was just joking" So, then he told me he was going to permenantly ban me and I said I was just joking but, ok. In discord I said I dont even know how to hack accounts I dont even have
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