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  1. Sometimes i forget you even play. also it would affect you majorly but the positives of the 'new deal' override the negatives, and I was thinking that if the 'new deal' gets accepted then they could give some sort of reward to people like you who have a lot of items worth a lot of money in their unbox.
  2. Like i said before, people will always quit at some point, and this would make them quit sooner than when they probably would quit. But it would definitely be more rewarding than simply doing nothing about the problem at hand.
  3. If we don't atleast wipe unbox, then an eco wipe is almost pointless. It would basically letting people be allowed to keep hundreds of millions of dollars in their inventory, absolutely pointless to even keep. And if people decide to quit, so be it. People will quit at some point, and of course this could make a lot of people quit, but it could also bring a lot of new people in if we freshen up the server.
  4. Discord name: An4rchy#0953 Suggestion: Resetting unbox and money Description: Basically start the server over, and this time no bringing back unbox items Reason: Now before you instantly deny this suggestion, hear me out. Due to crazy event prizes, and the weed job making a LOT of money, it has come to my attention that the server economy is fucked. Now i know that this isn't new information, and we all know this, but it's worse than ever before. The fact that new guns that haven't even been released yet are now not even rare (ak-47 bloodsport for example) I say that we should
  5. Btw im appealing 3 accounts so keep that in mind! 1: Name: 1st 2nd and 3rd account is , a killjoy, a killjoy, and Kira 2: In Game name: In the same order , King Crimson, King Crimson 2, and Kira 3: SteamID (Must have STEAM_ in ID! Do Not Use SteamID64) STEAM_0:0:155808379, STEAM_0:0:503641497, STEAM_0:1:496555535 4: Reason for Ban: Ban evade 5: Ban time: Permanant 6: Staff Member who banned you: Hawk 7: Reason why you feel you should be unbanned: My first account was already banned , before it got banned i had an alt and bought a lightsaber on it and decide
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