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  1. +REP, Good player doesn't minge, pretty funny guy.
  2. +/- REP, Barely have any interactions with you, also best not to respond to replies on the forums.
  3. +/- REP, Haven't seen you around much, but the times I have seen you were not great.
  4. +REP, haven't interacted with you much, but the ones I have had have been really great!
  5. +/- REP, Good player but definitely can be really immature at times sorry mate.
  6. +REP Very pog man and trustworthy. This message has been approved by Mr. Kiwi
  7. +REP Okay so first of all he was warned for ARDM, which is fine on it's own; However, I have been told by multiple people that a player who will not be named on this post has been targeting him. It has been repeated throughout multiple incidents purposefully attempting to get OperationsMars banned in anyway he can. While the person does have a clip and he was standing in the street it was close to the sidewalk. I have consulted with various other staff members and they all seem to agree with the amount of time this player was standing there in combination with how close he was that it was loit
  8. +REP Chill dude, a little bit of a minge but not too bad. He is also very active in the community. Seems like he is fit for staff.
  9. +REP Although he took a break from the server still deserves trusted.
  10. +REP Literally the most epic man alive. Wants to see Mr. Clip and Mr. Kiwi dating. Although this will never happen, still very pog dude.
  11. -REP I agree with Cliipzz here. If we aren't pinged then we might not know to get on. Also even if it is to stop someone from RDMing never RDM them back. All this does is create more chaos, and will likely end up in you getting trouble as well. Which clearly in this scenario has happened. I'm sorry man but you shouldn't have RDMed back.
  12. -REP Failed to follow the format, please find it embedded below.
  13. +REP Really great dude. He is fun to rp and play with. He doesn't break any rules really.
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