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  1. -REP Hitting the warn limit clearly means that there as been many many chances for you to not be banned.
  2. +REP Pretty epic dude, active, follows rules.
  3. Pending Message me (Spikedupkiwi#0346) on discord within 72 hours for your interview. Study the Rules and Punishment Guidelines to improve your odds on the interview.
  4. Denied You may reapply when you have a better reputation within the community (minimum 48 hours).
  5. Also I am taking a summer class so i do not have to do it next year, and I am doing fine. This should not be a factor really.
  6. +REP Good man, just do not become super inactive again. I do not see an issue as if he is inactive again he will just be demoted.
  7. +/-REP Haven't seen you around much, if I see you around and have good interactions I will change this reply.
  8. -REP I agree with what Mason said here, also you can not just get warns removed because you are improving. If you go without getting anymore warns for 3 months all warns will be removed.
  9. +/-REP While the promoting it isn't the biggest deal since this is a staff report not application, I do not think this is that big of a deal. If it used stronger language or was more harsh I'd consider it. According to ? they were joking around and the way the text screen is does not seem to point to anything actually harmful or as if he truly meant what he was saying. If you asked and he did frankly that is as far as it should have went. I also wasn't at the meeting either. Recently I have noticed in the day I have been off LOA more unprofessionalism than normal. I think professionalism is something that should be addressed among the staff. ? should also be more careful with what he does and says.
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