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  1. Maybe call staff to pull them out for you? Just a suggestion.
  2. -REP I think you should wait longer before applying for staff because you just got trusted and it just seems you are just rushing into things which is never a good thing. Plus I never really had interactions with you Idk how u r like or anything.
  3. -+ Rep I've seen you around but never really interacted with you but from what I'm seeing you seem pretty trustworthy, leaning towards +Rep (Low Amount Of Hours)
  4. Get to know me next time I'm on. I heard good things about you 😊👍
  5. (Btw if yall are confused about him saying Blippy pog, Blippy is just my cats name)
  6. In-game name: Chickenuggy Discord name: (Chickenugget#4329) SteamID: (STEAM_0:0:577706826) Hours on server: (over 500 because I combined my old accounts hours with this one ) Reason you love NeonLink: Alright, so I realize I messed up in the past like really bad. (Hacking) and I realize that now of how stupid I was for doing that because I actually paid real money on this server and i really didn't want that to go to waste. But putting that all aside I really really have been trying to change my ways with the second chance that I got because i really do love this server an
  7. Congrats papa ur son is proud of u 😢😣
  8. This is literally the dumbest idea i've ever seen
  9. +REP Plays on the server a lot, and i really do believe he deserves admin.
  10. Whats your opinion on African americans?
  11. Discord name: Chickenugget1209 Suggestion: Add extra slots to weed grower. Description: Pls add extra slots Reason: People hog all the spots all day and most of them go AFK and keep the spot which i think isn't fair for the players that actually want to do something.
  12. -REP Not enough hours, Never seen u around sorry.
  13. +Rep Very nice gamer. Has a strange desire for children but overall very nice player and believe he deserves it
  14. In-game name: Mustard_pancakes Discord name: (Chickenugget#4329) SteamID: (STEAM_0:0:577706826) Hours on server: (48 hours) Reason you love NeonLink: (A reason why i love neon link is that it's so incredibly silly and fun just those put together just make the server overall beautiful and really enjoyable playing, It's also really easy to catch on to especially if you are new to DarkRp. This is actually the only server that I've ever played and i never stopped playing because i instantly fell in love with it and is full of fun things to do and yea thats why i love NeonLink.
  15. Discord name: (Chickenugget#4329) Suggestion: Bring the tracking system for hit man back. Description: I think that the tracking system should really be brung back because it really made being a hitman a whole lot easier and fun. Reason: makes hitman more fun
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