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  1. +REP OG player, I remember the name from a long time ago and I can't recall any bad experiences.
  2. +REP Good app, returning staff member, knows the rules, can be pretty toxic at times though.
  3. +REP Only good interactions recently, active, great app, chill guy. Definitely brush up on your cooldowns though, I've had to get onto you in the past for them.
  4. +REP Only had to warn him once, has shown improvement since, active, chill guy. (The hours in GMod don't matter as much as the rest. As long as you can show that you know the game well enough to teach others, then you'll be fine.)
  5. +REP Not many interactions, but the few were good, pretty active, doesn't get into any trouble.
  6. +REP Some good interactions, some bad, good app, active, could be a good fit for staff.
  7. +REP Good app, nice guy, active player. 1 bad interaction though: was caught up in an rdm war but (I think he only got 2 kills) also stopped as soon as I told him to (while others did not).
  8. Neutral leaning toward + Good application, no warnings, a large amount of hours in the game, barely has the server playtime requirement, not a single interaction. Hopefully we have some sort of interaction soon so I can edit this.
  9. +REP Active player, returning staff member, knows the rules well, did show some minging a bit back, but has since improved. I believe ? should be given another chance, he was great at staffing; he took sits often and his sit quality was great. The problem being he was unprofessional and abused. He has since showed professionalism, and I believe he can be better moving forward.
  10. +REP Very active, good app, and doesn't cause problems.
  11. +REP Not too many interactions, but this is a returning staff member, a lot of hours in gmod, 0 warnings, looks like it was a resignation too not a demotion too.
  12. +REP Active player, doesn't really get in trouble, knows the rules, good app.
  13. +REP Chill guy most of the time, but sometimes he gets rude and mingey. Clearly knows the rules, quite active, really good application. If he just resists the mingey side, I think he could be a good addition to the team.