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  1. +REP Good application and no warnings, seems trustworthy to me.
  2. -REP Not very active or trustworthy. Mostly bad experiences (complete troll on the discord). Plus the application doesn't meet the word requirement in either place.
  3. Neutral I don't have an opinion on you, but you don't seem very active.
  4. +REP Good app, never had an issue, good choice for staff.
  5. +REP Same reasons as last time, good app, good player, seems like a good fit.
  6. -REP Terrible application, no idea who you are, doesn't meet requirements, do I really need to continue?
  7. -REP Massive minge and rule breaker, would be terrible fit for the staff team. Also lied about being trusted.
  8. +REP I saw you on yesterday, ex-staff member (and wasn't demoted for not knowing the rules, and I'm pretty sure you were already trusted from years ago.
  9. +REP According to current standard the ban should be a maximum 7 day ban, he has definitely served that sentence already.
  10. +REP Returning member, knows the rules, good amount of hours, prior experience. I hope you fit the staff team.
  11. +REP I'm being a little more lenient, I don't see you on often but you are an old player and you have good experience and tons of time in the game. I hope you're a good fit.
  12. +REP You're pretty active, I haven't had a bad experience with you, and the application is good (even though it is just a very slightly edited from the denied one).
  13. Neutral leaning towards + I haven't interacted with you at all to my knowledge. But you seem like you know the rules and you are fairly active.
  14. +REP Pretty active, knows the rules, is a good boy in sits (which he calls often), never had an issue.