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  1. Almost always does good when he is staff. Needs to be active though. +rep ❤️
  2. @Waffle @wasd2123 I didnt ban him...he kicked me from the server and was banned by azazel. I had nothing to do with it but +/- rep -rep because he bully me +rep because he does stuff for me when i ask with no hesitation also +rep because he need to be on lmao
  3. Discord name: (Ex. Azazel#0069) Rebel#1264 Suggestion: Add more stuff to the faction Description: The faction is filling up and I think there may be a use for more upgrades and stuff. One suggestions I have always put in is a faction chat to talk in-game straight to the faction with something like "/f *text*". The other part is overall just more upgrades on the faction tree (i would love more members lol). Reason: The faction is completely upgraded and almost full of members. I would like some more "small" upgrades and some "big" ones that cost a lot so it can add the grind for the faction. Link/Example: (delete if you don't have one) N/A
  4. I have seen a few people talk about this situation but dont have a full story for any of them. I am going to put a +/- rep because I have no info but would love to hear from @Kronkabout the situation and his pov.
  5. What i am going to say is +/- rep. The distrespectful responses does not help and the spamming but it shows you care in my opinion. I am okay with the least of reducing the ban or even just unbanning but I dont fully know the situation and havent heard from the staff who banned you. I dont know who banned you I believe it may be @Kronk so if you could explain the situation here that would be great. (or anyone that was there staff wise that knows the situation) Again spamming doesnt help so please stay calm so we can work this out.
  6. I see how you could be upset if you were wronged. I dont really know the situation but this doesnt help. first off this post is automatically denied for the fact it doesnt follow format. If you can stay calm for a little we can try and solve this. with the way you are acting it isnt good but it also makes me feel you are serious because most would give up after. I will try and talk to some people and get it figured out but spamming disrespect wont help your situation.
  7. -rep you still owe me and kimi a lightsaber
  9. Idk about the rdm but I can clearly see that you intentionally blocked off spawn. Also if you read hobo rules(which you were not one) you would know that it states under hobo rules on motd "No building in tunnels. (i.e. tunnels from spawn and district tunnels.)" This was clear and intended prop block. I believe you may be trusted with a decrease in time of ban. But I will leave that up to Kimi and others to talk about and see if they would like to lessen the punishment. For now I will leave you at a +/- Neutral (not happy about what you did still so more - leaning but not terribly)
  10. Dang bro. That anticheat really got us all huh. Anticheat even caught the Jailbreak server itself cheating and banned it. Crazy Stuff right here fam.
  11. +rep I don't play like at all anymore so I have no comment on your activity or behavior but I do know that he was an amazing staff member and staff many different times. (If this is confusing or trash wording I was in a meeting and people so loud it breaks my brain a little) GL my friend and glad to see you crawling back!!! ❤️
  12. (On my phone and tired as fuck so imma make this quick.) +Rep I have been on the past couple days while Rotanda has been on. I see him doing flips all the time and he does win most but not all. I personally do not believe he is scripting and he seems like a great person and wouldn’t want to throw away all the money and time he spent on the server for some stupid ingame money. I haven’t been on or talked to anyone to see proof of any scripting so until that is shown or not I don’t believe he deserves a ban.(America!!! innocent until proven guilty). GL my friend and I am going to fucking bed. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  13. you need to be in the https://neonlink.us/forums/index.php?/forum/28-ban-appeals/ and copy and paste the https://neonlink.us/forums/index.php?/topic/13-ban-appeal-format/ into a new thread and fill it out.
  14. After reading this and talking to you privately, I feel like even with ‘missing some requirements(the 5 sentence things that *totally matter for dev apps)’ I feel that with the knowledge you explain you could help out our community a lot. I would love to see you get an interview and help our community grow with amazing ideas and improvements. major +rep (lots of experience) I personally wish you a good luck on your application and hope that @Wesley our amazing owner/founder will get to it ASAP and put his personal opinion on it and give you a shot at helping us out. P.s maybe hang out in the server for a bit and get to know people and these -reps may go to +reps because the staff like to know someone and how they act towards the community before giving them their +reps. (sorry if this response makes no sense I’m on my phone and it’s late at night and ya boy tired)
  15. Denied Please make a new appeal using the format. Thread Locked/Closed https://neonlink.us/forums/index.php?/topic/13-ban-appeal-format/ <---- Use this for the format
  16. According to comments the ban was accidental. Appeal will be counted as Accepted Thread Locked/Closed
  17. Denied. If you don't know the rules you need to read the motd and if you are confused then ask a staff member to clarify. Also according to time stated of ban and time appeal was posted i believe you time runs out today/already ran out. Thread Locked/Closed
  18. According to time of ban stated and time appeal was posted the ban should have already expired so appeal is marked as Denied. Thread Locked/Closed
  19. According to ban time stated and time appeal was posted the ban has expired so appeal is marked Denied. Thread Locked/Closed
  20. Denied As stated above the bank manager is considered a civil protection job and cannot be corrupt. From what I am told you allowed people to come in and raid the bank. This against the rules clearly stated in the motd which you should read for jobs you don't know the rules for. Sits are recommended but not absolutely necessary if you are gonna be banned anyways it would just waste time and keep staff from helping others that are following the rules. Also i believe today is the day the ban expired based on ban time stated and time appeal was posted. Thread Locked/Closed
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