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  1. Discord name: Date banned: What led up to your ban: Why should you be unbanned:
  2. I haven't been on as of recent, but from what I have seen, very nice guy and knows rules pretty well. +Rep
  3. just saying, we have gotten offered 10k just for the discord lmao
  4. I can change it for you
  5. Pending DM me or Squilliam for your interview. Topic open to further replies.
  6. Denied You have +reps, however you fail to meet age requirement and sometimes you can be immature. May reapply when you are 15.
  7. Denied Showed you are too immature to handle being staff. Failed to meet requirements. May reapply when you are 15 and when/if you mature.
  8. Firstly, this in no way is a loophole, most points you made are simply wrong. If you read MOTD you can clearly see that SWAT snipers need to use a sniper, and it specifically says you are allowed to KOS for AOS laws. So it's not a loophole, if you are shot/shot at, you are completely allowed to kill them. Just wondering, when was the last time you have ever seen a sniper not camping, it is literally a givin, the entire point of a sniper is to be able to be far away, so if you had to run up to arrest a guy, and you can only use sniper, what would be the point.
  9. -Rep I hardly rep applications anymore, but I feel I have to for this app. Keeping this as respectful as I can while being blunt. You are one of the biggest minges I ever met without a doubt, been perma banned before, and almost banned on several other occasions. I have personal standards people should meet to become staff, and meet almost none of those standards except your age. I will admit you are getting better, but not good enough to get staff. This is not a decision, I will leave it up to squilliam. This is my own personal opinion. But even now he still has 5 warns and we require BELOW 5, and this is after your warns got reset and almost perm banned for hitting the limit of 40 at the time. The main thing about it is, I would say time has gone by and you changed, but you haven't, you still minge, less than before, but you still do. To the point where you have 5 warns, not including verbals. Sorry, but given your past, and now, I personally, would not trust you to have a staffing position. Maybe at a later date when you prove you can be a good player. Maybe after a few months and you can get the warns removed. But as of now. My opinion is a very strong -REP.
  10. On god I don't remember what exactly happened, idk what rank I was at the time or when exactly this was, I think this was before I was advisor, not entirely sure, if I was advisor then there was probably a reason, but seeing how bans are very common and it's been a year and half at least, I can't remember what happened. Seeing that's it's been so long I don't care if you are unbanned, however because the appeal is on me, I don't have the power to accept or deny this appeal.
  11. 1,000th POST BOIS LET'S GOOOOOO eat my ass
  12. Denied Failed to meet requirements. Thread closed. May reapply when you reach 24 hours.
  13. Denied Although the application is well made and you seem to be somewhat well known, you advertised the application. Advertisement is an instant deny. Thread closed. May reapply in 2 days.
  14. Denied Become more well known with the community and staff, if the being racist is true, don't, racism is not tolerated. However the app looks well made. Thread closed. May reapply in 2 days.
  15. Denied Get to know the staff more and the community in general, extra time on the server won't hurt, overall the app is well made, just become more well known. Thread closed. May reapply in 2 days.