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  1. +rep Active, and now he might actally fucking appreciate when I TAKE YOUR MOTHER FUCKING SITS. 🙂
  2. -/+ rep i would advertise too.
  3. So, its clear you may be confused. when you break a rule, us staff have to follow specific guidelines to certain actions with specific punishments. so, in order to have been perma banned, you would to have needed to do something worthy of such ban. then ban you have received i can only assume is justified given you have provided 0 counter argument to your ban, and all you said was sorry. meaning in my eyes you were aware with the perma ban action that you have done. as a player you have to do one thing and its not break the rules and to just respect players and staff members. and given you got 25 warns means you have done somthing warn worthy (potentially ban worthy depending on what warns) and you continued doing so, and for that reason. +Rep Deserves Second Chance
  4. Fucking cringe

    1. Mason



  5. Insanelypoortrickshots being staff. First lefts seen what happen, man went inactive and had other things to do. Fair enough. Mans just like. Dull. Like, I get bored when I was In your sits. But, as a staff and solely as a staff I think a member like this can provide good use and bring the proper dedication that we need. +rep. Don't make a regret this
  6. I love the attention to detail
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