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  1. +rep literally falsely banned or at least banned for too long he was banned for nitrp and ltap. he was never brought to a sit so ltap is not applicable here. as for nitrp, elmo is an active player that, as far as i know, hadnt had any other issues that night. shorten or remove this dudes ban
  2. -REP If you were unaware, there is a place in the bank where you can store all your purchased items. the money/inventory drop is necessary to make the server more punishing, and make the grind more worth it
  3. +rep just because contact bans are stupid
  4. -rep If you're tabbed out and still using the slot machines, you had to be using a macro/autoclicker. If you weren't afk, you would have and should have responded when an admin/anybody was trying to contact you in game. Also macroing may be bannable unless I'm mistaken, so if I were you, I'd be happy that a warn is the worst you got.
  5. +/- REP ok so i can understand if you cant quite think of anything else to add to up the word count, but you're not even close to the word count. you have to put more than 5 seconds of effort into this.
  6. -REP Wasn't what I'd call a good staff member back when he was one. Don't expect that to really change. Sorry bud.
  7. +rep, been on loa for about a week now, but i dont remember seeing you on before i left. we do however need staff members, and your app is pretty decent
  8. +rep just cuz i think itd be funny
  9. -rep, In this new climate where we need to be LESS punishment hungry and more lenient about the rules, I'm not sure how well you'd do.
  10. +/- rep, still dont know you, but that could very well be my fault
  11. -REP, cmon bro it really isnt that hard to just follow a format.
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