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  1. +/- Not many interactions the ones we have hag were all postive
  2. +/- havent had much interactions to base a + or - rep on
  3. +/- I honestly don't remember ever talking with you or even seeing you
  4. -rep HUGE minge, you and another guy kept mic spamming while i was doing sits and wouldnt stop, I had to freeze you and talk with you guys after my sit was done, also making fun of a person asking if they are a girl, which they told you to stop
  5. +rep no problems but i do wish to see you more if you get this
  6. From waffle evidence it is pretty apprent you were trying to get him banned, maybe because of reasons of past tendeancies but having a channel dedicated to it and trying to get him banned no Bueno looks more like you guys are targetting him, thats how i see it, he should be unbanned
  7. +rep very active chill guy never had to warn him verbal or !warns.
  8. -rep false sits, and wasting time and making false accusations about others
  9. +rep Definitely think this guy should be staff, NEVER had a sit against him and he is always helping out others, he would make a great staff member
  10. -rep doesnt have trusted and didnt follow the clear directions in bold and underlined, also dont have the required time, it clearly says required sorry but its a -rep from me
  11. -rep all sits I have had with you were against you and found you afk bit mining for around 2 hours recently, i asked someone and you told them you were going to sleep so its apparent that you did it on purpose, that shows me you are either doing it even though you know you shouldn't or you don't know the rules.
  12. +/- Not alot of interactions, the ones i have had were sits against you
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