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  1. Yea I basically just got on and already found a better server you can shove this dumb shit up your ass banning me for no reason bye boys fuck you and your shitty server enjoy your toxic ass server and staff
  2. This is the first one I made the other one was the second dawg plus your a lil handy capped
  3. Like how am I suppose to talk to anyone on here without spamming this shit is scuffed
  4. Like I literally have screen shots if me going as a camera man while the dogs raided pd
  5. I'm out peace fuck your neon link forum shit ima go find a server without abusive admins
  6. Like straight up get banned for nothing then get on here and get harrassed more by staff because I'm a lol butt hurt over being banned for no reason
  7. But yea im the person who needs to be banned
  8. Dude i literally got banned for nothing thats why i spammed and fuck your server anyway I dont want to play on it anymore i sit here and grind moeny on your server for four days and then get banned for litterally doing nothing and instead of actuallly being good admins you sit here and talk about me spammming and how you want to extend my ban when I was bannned for something the other dogs did that I had nothing to do with youd be pretty pissed too if you do nothing and get banned
  9. Well when I got banned for straight bull shit yea you'd be down talking the server too I literly do nothing
  10. in-game name: ccc dankcaillou steamid: (im not sure how to find my steam id) ban reason: nitr ban time: 3 days reason why you feel you should be unbanned: because the dogs were raiding pd and i just became a dog as the admin teleported them over i got killed by a cop once after runing out of spawn as the dog but i never attacked anyone shot anyone or lockpicked any door as a dog or pull out a gun i literally only died do you regret braking the rules: i feel like i was fassely banned and i usually try to follow the rules on the server evidence:check the logs i never even damaged anyone i like literally was the dog for like two seconds and got banned
  11. Everyone was raidng pd as dogs and I thought it seemed pretty cool so i turned into one but like as soon as I did the admin teleported me I didn't do anything didnt lock pick a door shoot someone bite someone switched jobs and got banned thats messed up ive been only playing this server for like the past 3 day
  12. There was a bunch of dogs raiding pd and I thought it seemed pretty cool so I turned into a dog and right as I did everyone got teleported like I didnt even do anything I just changed jobs wtf
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