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  1. - rep isnt pog, and is not pog, and pogn't. veri crash server = perm and you are not pog for trying to crash server not pog veri minge not pog, and cries to ele not pog
  2. +/- Rep he has higher hours on the server but I have not seen him
  3. +rep active, all good interactions, decent app, good candidate
  4. Aight if you're going to spam and down talk the server then -rep not smart move
  5. -rep Literally have never seen you on before
  6. +/- REP was previously staff but I have only seen them once on the dark rp server
  7. +REP this is absolute aids if you're raiding another nlm member, they pretty much have wallhacks
  8. I haven't seen you before but you seem to be liked by the staff team +REP
  9. truth, ploko and bush were amazing to be around, +REP picked up the rules quite fast
  10. Dude your input is the most important give your rep! netural for now
  11. +REP good app, active, not many problems, good candidate Although Neonlink is one word
  12. +REP, I don't think that if you are 16 hp that you should be forced to go and stop the bank raid if you can not heal But there has to be more to the story... I may update my rep when ? replies.
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