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  1. - Rep Consistently makes excuses about how much time he puts in the server, why he's inactive Very monotone, sounds like he hates his job whenever in a sit Has became staff and resigned many times, don't really want staff that can't decide if they want to be staff or not. Need dedicated staff
  2. Discord name: (Ex. Azazel#0069) ✪Hawk#6314 Suggestion: Point shop for time played Description: When you get x amount of time on the server, you get 1 point, and can spend it in a shop Reason: Enables people to get more play time on the server, play the server, and or afk it when they have to go do something irl, or go to bed, etc.
  3. Discord name: (Ex. Azazel#0069) ✪Hawk#6314 Suggestion: Resume Jail Description: When they get jailed, and leave instead of banning them when they reconnect it just resumes their jail, and maybe like a counter on their screen to show them how much longer of their jail they have Reason: Reduces bans
  4. This general discussion shows your maturity level, and shows why the -rep's were needed on your staff application, the community just didn't find you to be fit for staff, that isn't the communities fault it means that you need to work on yourself in certain aspects its more constructive criticism than picking on you.
  5. You're*

  6. -Rep You've been staff multiple times, and every time you've never been that good Complains a lot Power Hungry Threw a hissy fit and left the community as a whole after being demoted for being power hungry and lazy If you don't get your way you become inactive and the other things I've said. I've got nothing against you, just the way you staff.
  7. Denied Does not have time to staff, and failed interview anyways
  8. ✪Hawk


    If patchee optimizes it with the amount of entities, how it can fit through doors and what not we might add it back
  9. Although it would add another production job It doesn't mean its optimized but we don't want a copy and paste server and just have everything that we have be from the gmod store which is why we're most likely not going to be adding it.
  10. The server is currently just vanilla so we'll see in the future what we'll bring to it.
  11. Since things will be nerfed next update prices of things might be too. But that also means a weed grower nerf cause we don't want one job to dictate what everyone uses for a source of money. We want a more diverse play style and set of jobs for people to use.
  12. ✪Hawk

    Add back F2

    I'll test and see The wardrobe doesn't let you use anythign thats more than 16 mb so we'll see if age has anything to do with it.
  13. Ill see if its possible
  14. Theres good things with the wire mod but unforunately people can make wall hacks or something with it. And it just ruins the experience for players.
  15. Theres good things with the wire mod but unforunately people can make wall hacks or something with it. And it just ruins the experience for players.
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