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  1. If you could shed some ideas for us that would be amazing but we've asked people many many times for suggestions, almost every announcement says give suggestions every week no one gives them so we just put the same ones We'd love to make new ones for you guys but we've received no feedback
  2. Pretty good application My personal experience I feel there's a definite maturity gap that needs to be filled Other than that known player, very active (The thing with maturity isn't much of a big deal. I know people many years older than him that are more immature)
  3. There should be a new one implemented unless @Justpatchee hasn't yet. Last night we found a new model, although its not like the one we had, its hitbox should be better and it looks pretty cool so people will get used to it.
  4. -Rep While you were a staff member you were cool. You did your job and you had fun being apart of the NeonLink staff team and became apart of the family basically. Then after awhile I would spectate and you would complain about the server saying its trash, saying "no wonder why the server is fucking dying" and more. You then left a few days later for a different community to staff on. Personally don't want that kind of person to be back on our staff team with responsibility and power within our community. If any moment you're just going to leave cause you feel like staffing somewhere els
  5. Denied Unfortunately you should go to Harvard for your art skills you are way out of our league and we just don't need someone as good as you. Don't waste your powerful and amazing skills on our community.
  6. Sometimes people just wanna get their rdm out in them with their friends because RDM wars are against the rules.
  7. Discord name: ✪Hawk#6314 Suggestion: Deathmatch? Description: A job that you can become that has 0 salary that spawns in flatgrass that kills anyone else in that area, and if you are the job kills and damaging dont show up in feed, in !blogs, clients consoles maybe Reason: Dueling 1 person could get boring for people if they just want to mess around and kill all their friends. You could restrict certain weapons in the area to do damage so everyone could have fun and its not just the OP people. Some people just get bored of RPing or get the urge to kill people and this could high
  8. Discord name: ✪Hawk#6314 Suggestion: Adding candemote = false to CCs Description: Whenever a custom class is made have the code candemote = false automatically written in the job. Reason: Because it makes no sense to not have it automatically in the code of custom classes. Because a minge can get on or a friend could do /demote (user) (reason) from their custom job which would make no sense. The only reason a User should be demoted from their custom job is if they're abusing it, which would be dealt with by a higher up within the community and can even result in a staff member
  9. +Rep Was a very good staff member Pov: you saw red and got scared
  10. ✪Hawk

    Awp Buff

    Discord name: ✪Hawk#6314 Suggestion: Buff the Awp Description: Buffing it to 1 shot most things if not really anything (like 500-750 damage) Reason: Its one of the rarest, if not the rarest weapon in the game. It can go for like 100 - 200 USD and it doesn't even 1 shot someone that has faction upgrades. Please buff the AWP, the SVU is 10x better, its not as rare, and a shit ton of people have it. The AWP is a bolt action sniper, and its completely useless if you have an SVU. And again its one of the rarest items in the game.
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