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  1. In-game name: ✪Hawk Discord name: ✪Hawk#6314 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:94343178 Age: 17 Time zone: Central When are you most available: After school, until I go to bed How many hours per day can you be active in our community: On in school days, on the discord, all day. But in game 7 MAX. For online days, all day. Weekends, also all day. How long have you been a part of our community: I've been apart of the community since January 2018 How much play time do you have on the server: I currently have 1000 hours on the server since last hour reset
  2. The props are smaller, not big ass logos
  3. Discord name: ✪Hawk#6314 Suggestion: Add Letters And Numbers from the workshop to the servers list of props people can use Description: Just adds Letters, Numbers, ?, and ! as props that people can use Reason: People can label things in their dupes and what not. They'd be a good edition to the server to expand people's creativity Link/Example: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=273730928
  4. Denied Unfortunately we are not looking for devs right now. Maybe another time, sorry man, you did seem like a very cool person to talk to earlier just is unfortunate.
  5. yeah you just add it to your description
  6. +/- Rep Never had any interactions with you. Seems like a pretty rushed application. Application is kind of weak.
  7. + Rep Very active on the server and within the community Seems like a rushed application to the first question but the second question is pretty good Never had an issue with you
  8. +Rep Never had a problem with you See you literally every time I'm online Very nice application
  9. +/- Rep (Leaning towards +) Pretty good application but I do have to say that it's DarkRP. Many of the users that join the server are mingy. I think you're focusing too much on the fact of getting rid of the minges instead of treating them like another user, having fun with them, and educating them making sure they don't break the rules and infringe on other players experiences when playing. Other than that you have a pretty good application, see you on a lot, and never had any problems with you. Again the only reason why it's neutral is because we don't want punishment hungry staff
  10. Denied Posting an IP grabber. Although it was outside of the server, it pertained our staff members, and you also used our community website as the redirect for your IP grabber. You will be banned from our ingame and our discord. Feel free to make a ban appeal
  11. What is this and what do you use it for? This is a document of all the commands to become all of the different jobs Or make a vote if needed If you don't want to go into the F4 menu and click your job you can type these commands in chat Staff can use this for !setjob for when a player is afk, or to demote a certain player from their job In the future there will be a command to !jobban players from a certain job and can use this thread as a reference Civil Protection: Bank Manager: /bank K9: /policedog Mayor: /mayor Police Chief: /policechief Police Officer: polic
  12. ✪Hawk

    NLR timer

    I told you earlier that a raid timer is not needed. Logs show when someone dies and if they come back. Its just the fact that NLR is not location based as i said earlier. It is event based. Players are able to go back to the same spot if they died, but if its during an event like a raid or something they cant come back until the raid is finished.
  13. Edit: +Rep Apparently his work has cleared up and has a lot more time to staff for the server than he did before. If he ends up resigning again ill be saying what I said before this edit in his next app xD. But he was a good staff member, active, knows the rules and everything before.
  14. 1. If you have seen a staff member be biased then you may report them in #staff-requests on our discord, or the Staff Reports. Just because you were punished by a staff member for "biasness" does not mean that its the whole team. 2. If you have proof you may report. 3. Our staff members are watched by higher staff members and the management team. When we are reported that they are bias they are taken care of, demoted or staff striked and what not to make sure they dont do it again. I have not seen any of our staff members actually been biased in a sit yet. I feel like personally you did s
  15. Just a comment this isn't a rep. I would like to know why several members apart of the community are putting "Edited by Azazel" or "Edited by Hawk" in their applications??? Because you did it in yours, OG green tea did it in yours, and thedaber did it in his and i would just like to know its some sort of joke or something.
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