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  1. Denied Because of my L.O.A. i wasnt able to go over the evidence you provided. In the video there was a law saying weapons out AOS and you shot the guy for having a grapple hook out. He killed you and said "Bitch Ass". I dont see how this could be player targeting.
  2. Denied Banned for ban evasion, 6 alts, I had magic ban every single one of them because you were banned for i think corrupt CP.
  3. Denied Seems you need to become more trustable within the community/staff team's eyes. You may reapply in 2 days.
  4. Denied Your application did not meet requirements.
  5. Denied Need to prove yourself to the rest of the community and staff Was Denied on the request of him.
  6. Denied Become more familiar with the staff may reapply in 2 days.
  7. Denied Didnt pass interview, may study MOTD and reapply in 3 days (Dont copy and paste)
  8. Pending You can message me or Elevona, Or Dogo for your interview whenever you want it. If you cant make an interview within 2 days just message one of us and we'll put you in Adjourned due to your IRL stuff. If you're free and dont message us in 2 days then It will be denied. I'm on L.O.A. so the only time i'll be available to actually Interview you is around 12-1 A.M. EST
  9. Denied You already have one up that is just copied and pasted. So we are gonna keep up your original for people to respond to
  10. Accepted Need to work on being known to the rest of the staff team though, good member of the community
  11. Denied If you can make a new application in 2 days meeting the 100 word requirement or get at least close to it, so it shows effort I wont insta deny it and we'll let the staff rep it