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  1. Discord name: Wyeth#2932 Suggestion: Bring back the faction upgrades please. Especially when other factions were still grinding for it. Description: I understand that the reason for the eco wipe was to make the players grind for money again especially factions that already have all the perks, but then again some of us were already grinding for the faction upgrades and dedicated to grind for it. Before the recent eco wipe certain factions already have their factions fully upgraded due to it being the longest faction that has been on the server for years and they deserve having the faction upgrades intact that they strive and grind it for hours with dedication and it is already difficult to purchase certain perk upgrades due to its prizes and having it wipe is just absurd. Let alone a faction that's still grinding for it for hours and it got wiped instantly, it's like imagine you're a 6 years old and you really want a car and you were saving your money for a car and when you have the exact amount of money to purchase one it got denied cause you're still young to have one and all your money that you saved will be donated to your parents so they can buy the car because you really want it so badly and you spent years saving money from your allowance without buying any snacks or anything that you really want just for the car, now what happens is you're going to give the money to your parents so they can buy it for you, but your name is not on the paper , your parents owns it. You saved your money for nothing. Reason: Due to the recent update, I personally think that it's good but at the same times it's not, It's good cause I do love how to server is being updated once in a while and it really attracts the players and old players to play more due to its community based updates. It's not good cause a lot of players already dislike the recent update due to the strain and difficulty to earn money, especially for the factions in which perk upgrades are so over priced and with the recent update it'll take years to get one. Especially with the 3% money drop. Imagine you were still grinding for the faction and dedicated your time and effort for it, grinding for hours and hours, even made a community to share the upgrades with, then it got wiped instantly.
  2. +REP , Biggus Dickus
  3. -/+ Rep , Yes I agree, but on the plus side I don't think you're a minge.
  4. Or how about instead of nerfing the weed grower job, how about letting the cops destroy the pallet if they are trying to RP raid. That could be an update to the cp's because there is low reputation on doing rp on this job except on just defending the bank/pd thats about it for the cps and also rdming and minging as well.
  5. Yes true, but How can other players purchase faction upgrades if there is no high paying job especially if a new faction is created how can they keep up ?. Maybe reduce the prices of all faction upgrades, that would be nice if the weed grower job does get nerfed. Or maybe increase the pay rate of bitminers, printers and other jobs as well. If you're fast enough 10-15mil is produced by a weed grower per hour, but that's the pallet is saying there is also taxes so its already a rip off to the weed grower. Instead of receiving a 10mil pallet you get 8-9mil cash due to taxes. 10-15mil per hour is not enough to produce such amount to purchase faction upgrades not even 8-9mil per hour.
  6. -Rep Never seen you and have not interacted once , you're pretty sus.
  7. +Rep on this unbox addicted bastard , you need help bro.
  8. -REP , Yeah I wanna agree on Kiwi here. There is no reason on removing his Trusted Rank because they only give their own opinion. It's like arresting someone you hate since middle school without him committing a crime.
  9. +rep Chill guy that I respect a lot
  10. +REP Pog interactions No warns Chill dude Doesn't Minge Friendly
  11. +REP I've seen that one before and its really misleading especially if you kill someone who is easily gets butthurt. Bluto did you just say "When did I advert Bank Raid Wyeth?"
  12. -REP You have bad reputation in the community right now and I think you're not mature enough to be a staff in the server.
  13. -/+ REP Never had any conversation with you and I rarely see you.
  14. +rep , you have been pretty active lately and I have been talking to you for awhile and definitely a chill dude. Btw I love the accent.
  15. Discord name: Sokol#2932 Suggestion: Remove the struggle option on all kidnappers restraints not including cp's Description: just remove the struggle option and just left the "release","gag" and other option except for the struggle option to help other players avoid being punished. Reason: because it's a pointless option to the kidnapped person to struggle in which it will result of a punishment not having the opportunity to understand the situation and also misleading to the new players and those who did not read the !motd and just blindly press the struggle option to get free from being kidnapped because this is the only button that they see on the screen.
  16. I agree On Zelda here. I would +rep but imma follow the rules as it is , imma -Rep for now because of advertisement no hard feelings Phrog. Do re-apply and I will definitely change my vote or might change my vote on others opinion.
  17. + Rep - I agree on the statement: You do have some ups and downs each of our interactions and as well as to the others but you seem to be a good and a friendly player, you are oblivious sometimes but you always keep up every time. GL
  18. +REP Decent player, respectful and a chill guy to hang out with.
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