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  1. plus i want to be able to post recommendations about the rust server
  2. Name: Danny Discord: DannyBoy#1991 Why were you banned?: Blacklisted from community for killing 2 people in the GMOD server, but has been playing a lot on the rust server and was even a beta tester on it and even have VIP on there! Why would you like to be unbanned?: Because even though I feel as if people don't like me for some reason, Wes banned me from it without giving me a reason. When I resigned, I was making my own server (which flopped like a bitch and isnt a thing anymore), and no one knew about it, not even Elevona. I told her the day I resigned and she told Wes and he insta banned me w/o even talking to me, even though I didn't cause ANY drama AT ALL because no one knew about it. And also I just wanna see if he changes shit about the rust server and talk to people in there. Thanks for reading (p.s. i sent hawk this EXACT dm as an appeal bc i was banned from the forums and he ghosted me Sadge)
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