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  1. +/- rep | I have seen you on the server a couple of times but i have no idea who you are, i have never came into contact with you.
  2. +/- REP | I would give you a plus due to the fact that you have so many hours and zero warns but I have never encountered you so I don't know what you are like. This is due to time zones but I should start to be on the server during later hours starting soon hopefully to meet you!
  3. -rep | you were promoting the report and plus you were all having fun. I don't think he should be punished for joking around.
  4. and if they have no proof of the offense.
  5. +rep | He do be Thriving tho, I think that since he has become staff he has grown a bigger pair and matured much much more. those warns were previous to him being staff so I say remove them.
  6. +/-rep | I agree with what Mason said and i think that if he warned you for it then there was a legitamate reason.
  7. +/- REP | I think you could be a little less of a minge like everybody else is saying, i enjoy talking to you but not rp'ing with you.
  8. -/+ rep | You did not hit the word count needed. if you do hit that count then it will be +rep cause ur chill.
  9. -rep | I personally have never seen you, get on some more and maybe a neutral.
  10. - rep | This would not add the danger or risk of having a bunch of money and hurrying to deposit it, bank manager never had any role until now where the bank manager could rp.
  11. + rep he says the funny word sometimes
  12. + rep | i miss my baby daddy, cum back please
  13. + rep | funny voice, makes me piss myself laughing.
  14. +rep, hes a bad guy as billey eyelash would say
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