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  1. +rep nice man, good player, and definitely staff worthy. Good Luck!
  2. +rep I've had a few interactions with you and they went well, I've seen a bit of minging from you but I feel if you get trusted that you could step up and eliminate that in a all. Good Luck!
  3. I really don't have enough information about the situation to make a clear decision.
  4. +rep, I've had many interaction with you and they were all good!
  5. -rep didn't follow format, I've never seen you, and doesn't meet all the requirements. Good Luck!
  6. Name: Pickel Nickel I think you should give trusted and up the ability to access a "test" server with the new map for at least a day to give them the opportunity to see if they like it. I think it would be a good way to give back to the community and give them a chance to see the map and potentially change the server forever. The new map could also mess with the server Population and this would be a good way to see who would stay and enjoy the server.
  7. +rep Very good application, this guy is an amazing player and person to be around. He appreciates everything done for him and every time I have a sit with him he makes it very easy and is very respectful. He always says "have a good day and thank you" which doesn't seem like much but in Darkrp it is and it definitely doesn't go unnoticed. Hes definitely a good candidate for staff. Good luck!
  8. -/+ rep, I understand that you are angry and it is justified but your choice of language is not a good one to use towards someone when trying to get something. Just by your attitude makes me not want to plus rep and for that reason I'm giving you a neutral rep.
  9. + Rep overall a good person and I know that but I've had some experiences where you react out of anger and impulse and say something that are a little out of pocket. I'm still giving a plus rep because I feel the good overhauls the bad. Good Luck!
  10. - Rep you didn't use the format for first thing,; I've also had a few problems with you.
  11. Discord name: Pickel Nickel#0640 Suggestion: Get rid of flips and add a new gambling system. Reason: Flips can be rigged meaning that the people that didn't know of this can be scammed out of mass amounts of money; normally targeting the newer players.
  12. +rep. Nice respectful guy that's seems to know the rules well. Goodluck!
  13. +rep, as pooshi said if you weren't in a sit then this ban is unfair. On the other hand if you were in a sit then it is deserved.
  14. + rep Biggest plus rep of them all. He's a great guy and person and I feel he would be more than suitable to become staff. Good Luck!
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