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  1. +rep. Do I think Pooshi should be staff? Well lets go back to a few months ago when he was staff on Neon link. He was above expectations as a fellow staff member, he was also liked amongst the people and community of Neon link. read this essay I made for a good understanding of what im saying The book the odyssey My name Course: Scholars English Date: 12/28/20 The Odyssey has been a Greek chronicle story made by a Greek poet known as Homer in the late 1700s . The story is about a hero together with his good deeds. Furthermore , the Odyssey tells a story of its hero as well as Odysseus who struggles to get back to his people after the Trojan War, which lasted for ten years. Odysseus' journey back to his people also took an entire decade. In his journey, Odysseus managed to battle horrifying monsters as well as escaped from a number of scary scenarios before eventually reaching his homeland Ithaca. The storycontains several major themes mainly hospitality, loyalty and vengeance. However, this essay will focus on the theme of loyalty. Also, this theme is seen in the epic of Gilgamesh. Loyalty is an individual trait that has been a main theme in the story. The most obvious instance of loyalty within the Odyssey has been Penelope, who was faithful for two decades waiting for the return of her husband Odysseus . Another instance has been Telemachus who stood by his dad against the suitors. Eurycleia, Odysseus' old nurse is seen to be still loyal to her far master as well as Penelope. On the other hand, Melanthius befriends the suitors as well as disrespects Odysseus. Furthermore, Melanthos who is Melanthius’ maidservant goes ahead to sleep with the enemy thus disrespecting the queen together with Odysseus . The good thing was that the loyal individuals were rewarded while those who betrayed the master were punished severely. In the epic of Gilgamesh, it can be seen that loyalty has been the most important factor of any Mesopotamian relationship and there exist consequences for breaking loyalty. Loyalty is an issue that can sometimes be complicated because from the story, several people whom Odysseus expects loyalty from are his properties . Even Odysseus’s wife (Penelope) belongs to him literally. This may seem as disrespectful to most people, but even though people were considered property of other people back then they were still expected to be loyal and that is why Penelope is required to be faithful to Odysseus. From the battle that happened in the hall, a person can imagine what would happen to Penelope when her husband returned from the battle that was at the end of the epic. On the other hand, Odysseus has not been bound by the expectation of Faithfulness like his wife. In the epic of Gilgamesh, the insight in loyalty and the consequences that comes with breaking loyalty is seen when Enkidu is civilized. Before he (Enkidu) was civilized, he used to eat grass with the gazelles in the hills and lurkedaround with the wild beasts . The animals in the hills trust Enkidu and distrust humans and being by the woman who Enkidu cannot resist her temptation will break the trust that the animals have on him. Odysseus and Penelope show the theme of loyalty. The main reason that makes them the match perfectly is that they are both survivors. Odysseus has been away from his family for 20 years, in that 10 years he spent at the Trojan War where the other ten years he spent during his journey coming home. With all those years away Penelope has been loyal to her husband until the time he came back even though there have been aggressive suitors who have come to seek her hand in marriage. In summary, this essay has discussed themes of loyalty from the story. The Odyssey a Greek chronicle story. The most obvious instance of loyalty within the Odyssey has been Penelope, who was faithful for two decades waiting for the return of her husband Odysseus. Furthermore, the good thing was that the loyal individuals were rewarded while those who betrayed the master were punished severely. References. Homer. (1997). The Odyssey. Penguin. The Epic of Gilgamesh. (1973). Penguin UK Thank you!
  2. +rep good guy, fun to rp with and shows that he can understand rules. Good luck!
  3. +rep nice man, good player, and definitely staff worthy. Good Luck!
  4. I really don't have enough information about the situation to make a clear decision.
  5. +rep, I've had many interaction with you and they were all good!
  6. -rep didn't follow format, I've never seen you, and doesn't meet all the requirements. Good Luck!
  7. Name: Pickel Nickel I think you should give trusted and up the ability to access a "test" server with the new map for at least a day to give them the opportunity to see if they like it. I think it would be a good way to give back to the community and give them a chance to see the map and potentially change the server forever. The new map could also mess with the server Population and this would be a good way to see who would stay and enjoy the server.
  8. +rep Very good application, this guy is an amazing player and person to be around. He appreciates everything done for him and every time I have a sit with him he makes it very easy and is very respectful. He always says "have a good day and thank you" which doesn't seem like much but in Darkrp it is and it definitely doesn't go unnoticed. Hes definitely a good candidate for staff. Good luck!
  9. -/+ rep, I understand that you are angry and it is justified but your choice of language is not a good one to use towards someone when trying to get something. Just by your attitude makes me not want to plus rep and for that reason I'm giving you a neutral rep.
  10. + Rep overall a good person and I know that but I've had some experiences where you react out of anger and impulse and say something that are a little out of pocket. I'm still giving a plus rep because I feel the good overhauls the bad. Good Luck!
  11. - Rep you didn't use the format for first thing,; I've also had a few problems with you.
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