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  1. +/- rep I dont know who you are, sorry.
  2. Discord name: BLUTO5000#5450 Suggestion: New events for the Dark RP server Description: Just an idea to add new events to the server because all the events are very repetitive and the same people win. While the average player doesn't have a chance to win. Reason: Just the same people win and the events are boring
  3. -/+ rep if you completed the format I would give you a +rep.
  4. -rep ok I don't want to be that guy or just be rude but to me you improved a little but I think you had too many changes and you wasted them. I feel like if you get better I might change my opinion but for know its a -rep.
  5. +/- rep haven't had any interactions with you so I don't know what to say
  6. -/+ rep I dont know what to say about you, not many interactions.
  7. +rep awesome dude very active Follows rules not a minge just very cool overall
  8. -rep way too many warns bad experience with you very annoying just a bad overall history in the server
  9. +/- rep haven't had many interactions with you
  10. +rep hahahaha funny gay guy good guy tho
  11. -/+ rep I've not had many interactions with you but some of them you are annoying and some you are good.
  12. In-game name: BLUTO SteamID:STEAM_0:1:73534342 Ban reason: (this is a warn) RDM Ban time: N/A. Staff member who banned you: Ziggy (just doing his job im not mad) Reason why you feel you should be unbanned: my game was glitched and I saw moneybags on Tuna Fish. Tuna just wanted to see me warned too. Do you regret breaking the rules: (Unless falsely banned) Evidence: this has all evidence of the server glitching and Tuna Fish being killed
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