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  1. +Rep outsanding gamer should be darkrp advisor 100% bias
  2. -/+ Haven't had enough interactions to say yes or no, but from what I have seen you're pretty good.
  3. +Rep From what I have seen you follow the rules. epic poggers moment
  4. -/+ I don't remember any interactions I have had with you so, I'm not at liberty to say yes or no
  5. -/+ Haven't had enough interactions with you too say.
  6. +/- I haven't interacted with you enough to say yes or no.
  7. +/- You need to improve more first I see you are trying though.
  8. +Rep Cool guy knows all the rules is trustworthy and is fun to rp with but should get a mic
  9. +Rep but you still need to think before you act buddy.
  10. + Rep Very Fun too be around knows the rules would be a good addition to the team.
  11. +Rep Cool guy knows the rules and is trustworthy.
  12. +/- Don't really know much about him haven't rped enough with him to make a decision.
  13. +Rep Said He wants to make out with me might take him up on that, kinda mingy but follows the rules -approved by flygay812
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