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  1. +Rep saw him on a decent amount of times and he has not minged yet which is a lot better then most players
  2. Discord name: (Ex. Azazel#0069) zMxZelda#1678 Suggestion: Add the Purge Description: Add the old purge where every hour its the purge where the top 3 people get money Reason: I feel this would add something else to do in neonlink to enjoy. I think it would be a good idea because it would add more engagement with players and have more interactions between them and have a bigger purpose for gun dealers
  3. +Rep can be toxic but overall a good man and definitely deserves trusted
  4. +Rep you need to edit your application to add your steam id and discord but other then that its a great application and I believe you should get trusted (you can edit by pressing the three dots in the right corner)
  5. -Rep to go on what pooshi said yes you should have responded when they were trying to get your attention and macroing is a perma bannable offence
  6. +/-Rep I agree with clips I would totally +rep but its the fact that the word count is very low
  7. +/-Rep I thought henry was good staff as a user but I did not know what happened in the staff environment so neutral because of what I am hearing plus be more active
  8. +Rep it looks interesting very cool
  9. +/-Rep Now I haven't seen you on the server because I have not been on during the afternoon for the past two days but I do want to say I swear if anyone -Reps you because of your age that's crazy I was 14 when I applied and I got accepted so the age should not matter But Over good application I just can +rep you because I have not seen you on now that's not your issue or problem that is mine.
  10. +Rep Funny Rdm man but for real mason has gotten a lot better with mingeing and rdming since he has got back I have seen a massive improvement in his actions that I think he would be a great addition into the staff team
  11. +/-Rep it would be +rep but after the things I have heard its going to be a neutral rep personally I have not seen you mad but it have heard about it.
  12. +Rep Hes a good staff and deserves to get back on the staff team I feel like he will be dedicated.
  13. zMxZelda

    Go Karts

    Discord name: zMxZelda#1678 Suggestion: Go Karts Description: Go Karts would be pretty cool I'm not saying add cars I'm just saying only go karts Reason: we need a different way to travel lightsaber you have to buy bhopper you have to unbox or win for event that's pretty hard so lets add a way that you can just buy with darkrp cash
  14. zMxZelda


    Im Zelda im not very new but just wanted to say hey.
  15. +Rep haven't heard of pixlr X but It must be good, its very good phrog
  16. +/-Rep for right now at least ? needs to be less mingy and break less rules and then I will change to +rep but for now neutral. you were good staff so that the only reason its not a -Rep. I just want to say one thing about the Bro My lightsaber Thing, I kinda get I mean he was being harrased everyday when he got on and he told everyone to stop multiple times but they kept going just I don't think that the bro my lightsaber should affect his application.
  17. +Rep cool man know the rules and is mature overall a nice addition to trusted
  18. Name: zMxZelda Discord Name (eg: John#1234): zMxZelda#1678 Example Art: I know the picture is not the best I just did it quickly and some thing I could think of I could do a lot better if you gave a idea what to do. Resources You Use: some online Editer How Can You Supply Us Art When Needed: I can supply most of the time some days wont be around but most of the time I will Thanks For Applying For The Art Team! :3
  19. +Rep He is very fun to roleplay with and have fun with it seems to me like he knows the rules pretty well so based of that I feel that he deserves trusted
  20. +Rep he is pretty new so it is possible or him not to know if he wants to get back on I will have him full fill his punishment.
  21. +/-Rep I remember you, you were pretty funny I had a good talk with you but just be more active you haven't been on for a while so I don't know if you should be trusted or not
  22. -Rep Mason you should know that you cant make fountain kos if your a hobo you have over 300 hours in the server you should know the rules by now
  23. +Rep From what I have seen Adam Market would be a great addition for staff he is pretty active never had to warn him and is very pog.
  24. -Rep Never met you plus you only have 25 hours? try to have more interactions with staff and get some more hours
  25. +/-Rep incomplete format, I have seen you on but not a lot of interactions
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