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  1. -Rep Not the first time that someome has been banned for having an auto clicker on NL. Nice appeal, bonehead.
  2. +Rep Great player! I've never had any issues out of him and I believe he deserves to have trusted. Nothing negative to say about him.
  3. Neutral +/- I've only had a handful of interactions with you, but I see you on pretty frequently. I don't hear about you causing issues for anyone or any staff, so that's a plus. I just don't know you all that well.
  4. +Rep ++ Active. ++ I've never even seen this lad be verbal warned and have never had to do it myself. He's clearly well acquainted with the rules and has no behavior issues at all. ++ Application is beuno, si si! Personal Thoughts: I always have a good time playing with this mayne. He's respectful at his core and knows when to be serious. I should also mention that he makes and has made sits reporting various rule breakers before. I believe he should be on the staff; definitely staff material and has what it takes to be a really good staff member!
  5. Ban has already expired. @Elevona
  6. Neutral +/- I've seen you on a couple times but just haven't interacted with you. Become more active and I'll for sure try talking to you!
  7. +Rep What a fucking guy. I may not of staffed with him back in the day, but I can say that from what I saw, he did an outstanding job. He's very well behaved in game and is very much active. Everyone has covered what I really wanted to say, but I definitely do not see a reason why he shouldn't have another shot! Good application. But in all honesty, I don't if it's physically possible to have him back on the staff because he so sexy! YEah Mama!
  8. Omg, I know right. > : ( But that's not cool to say bro. ; (
  9. Neutral +/- I was not around when you were staff and I've honestly never really had too many interactions with you in the first place (None of which were bad, per say), but it appears that other staff do not have a good opinion of you. I suggest you work on your behavior and improving your reputation if that's case and if you so desire.
  10. Neutral +/- I only remember seeing you on once, perhaps twice. Other than that, I have no idea who you are.
  11. 94658288_1051743038531030_6907040000812724730_n.mp4
  12. +Rep I have nothing but positive things to say about this kid. He is mature, outgoing and kind. Not mention an absolute blast to play with. Well put together application and he knows the rules very well. I've only ever had one sit with him (RDM), but it was just a simple misunderstanding from the other player and was cleared up without resulting in any punishment. Active and has been in the community for a while now. I believe he is more than able to handle staffing and would make a good pick in my opinion. ~ Best of luck, homie!
  13. Neutral +/- From the few interactions I've had with you, all are positive. I just haven't gotten to know you well enough as a player yet.