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  1. 1: Your Steam Name:Amosbreath 2: Your SteamID:STEAM_1:1:188439704 3: Staff Member's Name:Bill Nye the savage guy 4: Staff Member you are Reporting SteamID: 5: Explain your Side of the Situation: after purge kills me take him to roof kills me again 6: Evidence:https://youtu.be/o7JdZ4bzfxg 7: Any other Details:
  2. Connor i'm so glad you found this and thank you!
  3. RP Name :Amosbreath Real Name:Wyatt SteamID: STEAM_1:1:188439704 Discord Name: Amosbreath Age: (13yr or older!) 12 i know Do Have A Mic: (If No That Is Fine) yes Birthday: June 7th 2005 How Many Hours Do You Have On Server?: (20+ hours Is Required) 5 days 15 hrs How Much Money Have You Donated To Server:20USD Reason You Are Wanting To Be Staff: (5 sentences minimum) I have always thought it was so cool to be staff because i get to help the community alot because i dont want it to go down hill ive seen it happen to many bad people get on then run off every one it happened to hat (an old staff member) he left because it was so bad now styaff is fixing that and i want to help. Im always talking to wesley and the staff get to do so cool stuff with him like if he needs help fixing darkrp i would TOATALLY be up to help and the community could just get even better if i came in cause i always want to help. Recommended By:Yuri Kin How Will You Help NeonLink: (5 Sentences MINIMUM!) I always want to go to sits if i can but usally i cant even thought i really want to but if i was staff i could for me be able to go to sits but also i love it so it would be great for me and the Neonlink family cause i could help! during the purge it is CHAOS and so much happens that 2 staff memebers cant keep up. most of the time the only staff member on is kin and sometimes one other person and i always want to be with kin since kin is amazing! So are the other staff memebers. LOVE YOU NL STAFF! im always on NL its rare im on another server or even another game tbh. Im going to be honest the server is going down hill a little bit at a time with minging i HATE IT i really want all those people to be gone cause is ANNOYING and i think everyone else agrees so i want to cahnge that and have NL on the top of the list and most players with no minging. What is your Timezone? EST When Are You Able To Be On? (Eastern Standard Time) any day rather than tuesdays and thursdays days ill be on from 3:00 to around 10:00 but on those days 5:15 to 10:00 Will You Be Able To Make It To Staff Meetings? (around 1-2 a month) unless at school Do You Promise NOT To Abuse Your Power: I will NEVER abuse What Is Your Favorite Animal: Wolf/ llama Thank you for taking time to read my applacation i hope i get accepted!
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