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  1. Huge +REP - Good application. - Very active. - Follows the rules, always, and is a very laid back chill member of the server. - Member for 2 years. - 200+ Hours and no warns. - Real life customer service experience I believe he’d be great for the team! Great guy nothing but great interactions have played very closely with multiple times. (on my phone so no green text sorry)
  2. +/- rep i haven’t seen you on no interactions although I am mostly on at night
  3. +REP Many interactions, all positive, follows the rules. Is polite to other players and is a very laid back member. I think he'd be great for the Trusted role! No warns and 80+ hours is great as well!
  4. +/- REP Don't know around what times you play but I haven't really seen you on, 0 interactions, so I can't really voice an opinion. You seem chill though! Positive point however: 76 hours is great.
  5. +/- REP Leaning to +REP Positive reasons will be in green Neutral in yellow: - Was denied before - Barely over the age limit however do not know the maturity - Only a few interactions in-game, although positive - Active on discord, not sure about in-game I've been on LOA - Lots of interaction in the general chat on the discord server, seems pretty chill and laid back. Funny as well pleasant person. - Very active on forums, as you can see by post count and reputation. - Have HEARD good things, just haven't seen a lot. - 2+ years in the community, which I would assume comes with good understanding of the rules.
  6. -REP Way below the age limit, even if you are mature, not to be rude. I just don't believe we should have someone that young with that much power.. Feel welcomed to apply for Trusted though! Never seen you online either, no interactions.
  7. -REP Haven't ever seen you on, rumor has it you're a little mingy, and I don't believe we should have someone of those characteristics be Trusted on our server. Sorry.. Previous reply: +/- REP Haven't had an interactions with you, although I haven't been active because of vacation.
  8. +/- Neutral Seen you a couple times, had a few duals but other than that haven't had much interaction.