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  1. Discord name: Shizuka#2679 Suggestion: Remove staff of the week or change it Description: getting rid of staff of the week or changing it Reason: because it entices a more competitive instead of a cooperative staff team. The advertising of it is also misleading because it makes newer players believe that the staff of the week is gonna be the better one to have for a sit however that is not the truth seeing it is mostly based around the fact that it's count based. While a sit should be quality and not quantity because a quality sit will entice players who get into sits to actually want to keep playing because they have staff members who understand and help correctly instead of doing a sit incorrectly just to get more sits for sotw(staff of the week).
  2. +/- I actually haven't seen you much but from what I've heard you're nothing but stars
  3. So, starting off I had banned you because you arrested someone and as soon as I brought you up to deal with the sit and get your side on why you had just randomly arrested someone you left the server so from my point of view it looked as if you just left to get out and so that's why I banned you for ltap and nitrp. (Leaving to avoid punishment, No intent to roleplay)
  4. +/- Not that many interactions with you but from the sound of it you aren't mingy and seem like a cool person
  5. +/- REP The interactions I've had with you have gone either really well or you were really mingy and because I've had a fair amount of interaction with you I'll give it a neutral cause I believe there is room for improvement
  6. +/- I haven't really interacted with you at all so I don't have much to say which is why this is a neutral but I do see you on every once in a while
  7. +/- I haven't had a lot of interactions with you however the ones I've had weren't the greatest but you are fairly active and should review the motd
  8. +REP Pretty chill guy, is on a fair amount of time and seems to know the rules pretty well according to the staff team,
  9. In-Game Name: Shizuka Discord Name (eg: John#1234): Ayato SteamID (Not SteamID64): STEAM_0:0:166367455 Age (15+ Req.): 17 Timezone: CST When are you most available? (Day/Night): Afternoon How many hours per day can you be active in our community? 3-5 How long have you been a part of our community? 2+ years How much play time do you have on the server? (3d Req.): 447 hours as of now Have you ever been a staff member or a related role on another community? (Req.): I have been apart of this community for a long time and have been staff multiple times Why would you like to become a member of the DarkRP Staff Team? (150 words): I want to help out with the server with the remaster and want to be able to be on when other people can't be. I've also wanted to come back for a while and I thought that now would be a nice time to cause of all the people misunderstanding the rules and with all the minges that could come back. I also like to help out members that don't know what they're doing and genuinely have questions on what to do and want to stay with the server. I also genuinely love the server which is why I want to be able to help with people when other staff are unable to and I would hate to see the server in chaos because it would ruin the experience for people who really want to roleplay. Another reason is because the amount of staff that are unable to get on when there is a bit of trouble. What makes you a better choice over other applicants? (150 words): I have been playing the server for a while and been playing a lot since the remaster and I know the rules and rarely get brought to sits that I don't call. After the remaster I really want to help the the server become popular for people to enjoy the new addons of the server. The server also holds a special place in my heart that I would like to nurture with other staff. I am also hard working and dedicated to what I put to my mind. I also believe I would be able to help provide a fun experience to the community while making sure rules are enforced. I am on a fair amount of the day and am able to get on when most people cannot and deal with sits that sincerely need attention. I have experience as staff and understand punishments and rules fairly well and I know my way around being a staff. Do you promise not to abuse your powers in any shape or form?: I promise to not abuse my power in any way How many hours in Garry's Mod? (300 Req.): 3011.6 hours currently What your favorite animal? (Optional): ZoinkedGod How many warns do you have and how many are active? (Less than 5 total and 0 Active Req.): 0 warns Are you trusted? (Req.): Yes
  10. +/- REP You were able to reach the warn limit but it has been awhile
  11. +/- You were able to reach the warn limit but it has been awhile
  12. -REP can be a minge but also a chill person you may be of age now but you can be really immature from the interactions I've had app seems really rushed
  13. +REP I see you on frequently and I have never had a sit on you and cool to play with
  14. -REP You are really mingy at times and most of the interactions I have had are bad
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